Collagen seltzer

Sugar Free Citrus Collagen Spritzer Sparkling Drink Recipe

Grapefruit, Lemon and Lime Sparkling Water Seltzer with Ice, a slice and added Collagen Peptide Protein that's suitable for Keto & Paleo Lifestyles. 

On a hot summer day (we live in hope), there is nothing better than a glass of something sparkly. But, what do you do if you are T, total or you want to watch your sugar intake? We have the ultimate solution for you with this delicious Seltzer recipe! It's also packed with essential amino acids from the collagen protein and is a fresh alternative way to take your daily collagen, without adding to tea or coffee. 

Why would I want to add Collagen?

Collagen Peptides are a bioavailable source of Collagen Protein, which is packed with 18 amino acids, 8 of which are essential. 

Check out our full collagen guide here, to understand how collagen can help support your guts, bones, joints, hair, skin and nail health. 

Can I add Collagen to other hot drinks?

Yes, you can dissolve collagen peptides into any hot drinks, bone broths, tea, coffee, matcha etc. We have some recipes available for the following: 



Can I use Collagen in drinking water?

Yes, you can add your daily collagen peptides into cold drinking water, sparkling or still. You can actually utilise collagen in any liquids, such as soups, stews or even yoghurt. 

Could I use berries in this recipe instead?

Yes, you can use berries instead of citrus fruits, a few squashed strawberries or raspberries are delicious along with some fresh mint and ice. 


sparkling water with grapefruit

Citrus Sparkling Seltzer
 Makes 2 servings

Nutritional Info (per serving):

Calories: 53

Fat: 0.1g

Of which saturates: 0g

Carbohydrates: 1.7g

Of which sugars: 0.6g

Protein: 12g

What You Need (Ingredients):

What You Do (Method):

  1. In a large jug, squeeze the juice from one whole citrus fruit of your choice.
  2. To the juice, add the collagen peptides and mix until dissolved. If you wanted to add some salt into this recipe, add at this stage when mixing. 
  3. Top the juice with the sparkling water.
  4. Divide into 2 glasses with ice and fresh mint, if desired.
  5. Enjoy!


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