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Hi, we're Amy & Jeff, co-founders of Hunter & Gather

Amy Amy


Her Favourite

Chicken Liver Pate Recipe
Jeff Jeff


His Favourite

Keto & Low Carb Pizza Bites Recipe

We are a British Couple, that are on a mission to improve our health! With rates of obesity, Type 2 diabetes, and depression on the up year after year, it’s time for us to provide you with the tools that you need to thrive.

As a lifelong coeliac (Amy), I have always looked at the back of foods for their ingredients and over the years, I have been shocked by the number of added sugars, chemical preservatives, and ingredients I couldn’t recognise which are increasingly being added to our foods.

I (Jeff) suffered with acne, asthma and IBS as a teen and eating a conventional diet of high sugar and carbs just was not working. A chance encounter with a medical professional showed me a new path of eating an ancestrally inspired real food diet free from refined sugar, grains and inflammatory oils.

My health improved drastically, and we knew from then that we had to share this message far and wide to help others too. 

We knew that eating a real food lifestyle free from refined sugars,
grains and poor-quality fats (like seed and vegetable oil) is the
foundation for improving our health. Yet following this new lifestyle wasn’t easy due to the lack of preprepared products we could trust.

So, that’s why we started Hunter & Gather – to create a range of healthy kitchen staples, condiments and supplements all free from refined sugar, grains, and inflammatory seed/veg oils. Making choosing healthier options, easier for you and from a brand that you can trust to source the highest quality ingredients, with your health our number one priority.

That’s what hunter & gather is all about—we hope you enjoy!

Us vs Them

No refined sugar, grains (gluten) or cheap, inflammatory seed or vegetable oils. Just great tasting food that is made with real ingredients you can recognise.

Hunter and Gather



Always free from
added sugar

Always Free from
grains & Gluten

Always Free from
seed & veg oils

No Artificial Chemical Preservatives

Health the number 1 priority

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