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Multipack Restore® All Natural Daily Electrolytes

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    Sodium Per Serve


    Seriously Salty

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  • Restore® All Natural Daily Electrolytes Multipack
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Sodium Per Serve


Seriously Salty

multipack restore electrolytes infographic
Restore® All Natural Daily Electrolytes Multipack
why take restore multipack electrolytes

Multipack Restore® All Natural Daily Electrolytes

This is Hydration, Redefined.

A scientifically formulated blend of 1000mg sodium, 200mg potassium and 80mg magnesium. Restore multipack supports both your mental and physical performance, tapping into the primal power of earth-derived minerals. Each multipack box contains: x10 Unflavoured Salt, x10 Mixed Berry Salt, x10 Lemon & Lime Salt Restore Sachets.

Seriously Salty taste, which can be adjusted for preference based on amount of water added. Mixed Berry and Lemon & Lime flavours are subtle due to no sweeteners or sugar - think fruit infused water vs a strong artificial fruit flavour.




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  • Optimises Hydration & Cognitive Function
  • Supports Post-Exercise Recovery
  • One Sachet Per Day, One Month Supply
  • x10 Unflavoured, x10 Mixed Berry, x10 Lemon & Lime Per Box
  • No Added Sugar or Sweeteners
  • Keto, Low-Carb, Gluten Free & Paleo-Friendly
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  • 1000mg SODIUM
    Pink Himalayan Salt
  • 200mg POTASSIUM
    Natural Potash Salt
  • 80mg MAGNESIUM
    Purified Seawater

What to expect over time

  • >1 HOUR

    You’ll feel refreshed as the electrolytes begin to replenish lost fluids and restore hydration levels.

  • 1-2 HOURS

    Symptoms of dehydration, such as fatigue, headache, muscle cramps, and dizziness, should diminish gradually.

  • 2-4 HOURS

    Improved mental clarity, alertness and focus.

  • 4+ HOURS

    Improved focus, energy and overall well-being.

Electrolyte Showdown

Restore® All Natural Daily Electrolytes Multipack Our Electrolytes
The Other Guys
Seriously Salty, Subtle Natural Flavours (Unflavoured, Lemon & Lime or Mixed Berry)
Very sweet or artificial flavouring
Sodium Content
1000mg per serve
<500mg per serve
Fillers Or Bulkers
Naturally sourced
Usually lab made
Top-tier, educational

Customers Love Restore

Only real ingredients

No unnecessary fillers, bulkers or chemical preservatives! Other brands are not the same.

Restore® All Natural Daily Electrolytes Multipack Ingredients

Pink Himalayan Rock Salt (Sodium Chloride), Natural Potash Salt (Potassium Chloride), Marine Magnesium (Magnesium Citrate), Glycine (Amino Acid in Flavoured Versions), Natural Flavouring (in Flavoured Versions)

Restore Your Health Sip by Sip

How to use Restore

Expertly formulated with an ideal ratio of essential minerals, each sachet is your key to balanced hydration. Simply add a sachet of Restore to water (or a drink of your choice) and stir. Consult our 'Salt-o-meter' guide to find your perfect level of saltiness – from a subtle salty twist in 1000ml of water to seriously salty in 500ml. Whether you're gearing up for a heavy workout, tackling a busy day at the office, or simply looking to replenish electrolytes lost during sleep, Restore is your answer to peak physical performance, mental clarity and overall well-being.

Nature's Ingredients

In an age where modern diets often fall short due to soil depletion and poor eating habits, Restore is here to help you bridge the nutritional gap. We've scoured the earth to bring you the purest, most potent minerals nature has to offer. Each sachet delivers a mighty 1000mg of sodium from Pink Himalayan Rock Salt, 200mg of potassium from natural Potash Salt, and 80mg of magnesium from purified seawater. With Restore, you're not just hydrating – you're reconnecting with the primal power of the earth's essential minerals.


Your body has a unique way of communicating its needs. Feeling foggy-brained, dizzy and struggling to focus? These are tell-tale signs of an electrolyte imbalance. Muscle cramps, headaches, and fatigue are also common indicators. If that’s you – Restore is the answer. Replenish essential minerals and get back to feeling your best with our expertly formulated blend of nature’s best electrolytes. This is hydration, redefined.



Everything you need to know about electrolytes and why they are essential for hydration and health.


Hi, we are Amy and Jeff, co-founders of Hunter & Gather, an ancestrally inspired lifestyle brand.

Poor mental health and chronic illness such as obesity, cancer, diabetes and heart disease continue to impact us all. Yet it doesn't have to be this way...


We are improving the lives of thousands of people with our commitment to create a diverse range of products & education — all designed with your health first.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Daily consumption of Restore is not only safe but also recommended for individuals on paleo, keto, or whole-food diets, as well as for those who frequently engage in exercise or sauna routines that induce sweating. Our recipe stands out with its high sodium content, perfectly balanced with potassium and magnesium, making it ideal for effective hydration and muscle function. It’s formulated without added sugars or sweeteners, making it a much healthier alternative to the market favourites. While it's generally safe for daily use, we always recommend that individuals with specific health conditions like salt-sensitive hypertension (salt-sensitivity hypertension is a condition where an individual's blood pressure responds significantly to changes in salt intake), kidney disorders, or insulin resistance consult with their healthcare provider to tailor their electrolyte intake to their personal health needs.

A serving size for Restore is x1 sachet per day. One box provides a full month's supply of our Restore Daily Electrolytes!

We've carefully designed Restore to include 1000mg of sodium, specifically chosen to meet the varied hydration needs of our customers. Here's why this particular amount is essential for optimal health and performance:

Support for Active Lifestyles: For athletes and the health-conscious, our formula supports safe sodium supplementation. Research suggests optimum sodium intake for active individuals can vary widely, highlighting the need for personalised hydration strategies (Institute of Medicine, 2004).

Hydration and Mineral Balance: Sodium's role in water regulation and mineral balance is well-documented (Keller et al., 2003). It facilitates muscle contractions and cellular health, making our electrolyte supplement crucial for overall hydration.

Sweat Loss Compensation: Active individuals can lose significant sodium through sweat, with studies indicating losses can be as high as 3500-7000 mg per day, in warmer environments (Sawka et al., 2007). Our formula helps replenish this lost sodium, essential for hydration and muscle function.

Sodium Sensitivity Considerations: Understanding that about a third of the population is salt-sensitive, our product's sodium level is safe for the majority, aligning with research suggesting variability in blood pressure response to sodium intake (Weinberger, 1996).

Emerging Research: Studies show a protective effect of sodium intake levels between 4000-5000 mg compared to less than 3000 mg per day, suggesting benefits to moderate intake (O’Donnell et al., 2014).


Sawka, M. N., Burke, L. M., Eichner, E. R., Maughan, R. J., Montain, S. J., & Stachenfeld, N. S. (2007). American College of Sports Medicine position stand. Exercise and fluid replacement. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise.

Keller, U., Szinnai, G., Bilz, S., & Berneis, K. (2003). Effects of changes in hydration on protein, glucose and lipid metabolism in man: impact on health. European Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

American Heart Association. (2021). How much sodium should I eat per day?

Weinberger, M. H. (1996). Salt sensitivity of blood pressure in humans. Hypertension.

Institute of Medicine (US) Committee on Military Nutrition Research. (2004). Dietary reference intakes for water, potassium, sodium, chloride, and sulfate. National Academies Press.

O’Donnell, M., Mente, A., Rangarajan, S., McQueen, M. J., Wang, X., Liu, L., ... & Yusuf, S. (2014). Urinary sodium and potassium excretion, mortality, and cardiovascular events. The New England Journal of Medicine.

When you're fasting and need to keep your body balanced and hydrated, our Unflavoured electrolytes are your perfect companion. Our Mixed Berry and Lemon & Lime electrolytes contain <10 calories per serving, so we recommend taking our Unflavoured electrolytes to support your fasting journey without breaking it. With zero sugars and 0 calories, it respects your fasting state while providing essential electrolytes like sodium, potassium, and magnesium. Ideal for those on intermittent fasting or other fasting protocols, it helps you stay hydrated and replenished, all while keeping your fast intact.

Yes, the electrolytes are salty. The Unflavoured is still salty, it just has no added natural flavouring to it.

The Mixed Berry and Lemon & Lime flavours are also salty but with a subtle dash of natural flavouring (think fruit infused water with added saltiness). This makes it really easy to consume first thing or during exercise without a really strong artificial flavour. Try with ice and an extra squeeze of lemon if you want additional flavour.

The Unflavoured can be added to a hot chocolate, coffee or more!

At Hunter & Gather, we pride ourselves on never using artificial colours or flavours.

All our flavourings are natural and sourced from the UK.

Our Mixed Berry and Lemon & Lime Electrolytes are the only flavours from the Restore range that contain natural flavouring. If you prefer no flavouring, opt for the "Unflavoured" version, which we sell in a pack of 30 sachets.

They boast a unique application method without the use of corn based maltodextrin (which many brands do not declare). This ensures that there are no corn or grain derivatives present. 

Since we avoid artificial flavours, sweeteners and refined sugar, the flavour of our electrolytes is subtle and salty compared to other brands. It might take a little getting used to, but do try them for 5-7 days for your tastebuds to adjust. Remember we have a 30 day money back guarantee!

We intentionally include a generous amount of sodium per serving, imparting a seriously salty flavour across our range. If you prefer a less salty taste, we recommend diluting each sachet in 1000ml of water, instead of the standard 750ml.

At Hunter & Gather, we ensure that none of our products contain bulkers or fillers, including our Restore range. Our Unflavoured product consists solely of the minerals sodium, potassium, and magnesium, which is why it is the lightest in our range. On the other hand, the Mixed Berry and Lemon & Lime variants include additional ingredients such as glycine and natural flavourings. These extra components add to the overall weight, making these flavoured sachets heavier than the Unflavoured ones.