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Chocolate Coconut MCT Oil Fat Bomb Recipe with Collagen & Macadamia Nuts

Frozen Keto Friendly Fat Bombs perfect for topping up your good fat intake

Snack bars have been gaining in popularity, with everything from a veggie bar to an egg-white bar on the market, the "healthy" snacking choices available can be very confusing, however. 

Many snack bars that are available at the supermarkets contain refined sugars or sugar substitutes such as dates or fruit. For those of you who are following Keto or low carb or a low sugar lifestyle, most of these bars will be out of the question. 

I think we all know now that fat has been wrongly demonised in the past and that good fat like coconut and avocado oils are essential for our health and optimal wellness. This awesome fat bomb recipe is the perfect way to avoid those sugar spikes from a conventional snack bar and to top up your healthy fats in an easy way. 

Perfect as a snack, dessert or even breakfast. 

Gluten, refined sugar, dairy and grain-free

What is a Keto Fat Bomb or Keto Cup?

A fat bomb is essentially a ball or bite-sized "bomb" of good fats. Low in carbohydrate and free from refined sugars, these bite-sized snacks have become extremely popular for those following the Keto lifestyle. Most recipes (like this one) are also free from dairy so are Paleo-friendly too. There is not really any difference between a Keto Fat Bomb or Keto Cup, some people call them cups when they are flat in shape like this recipe (when they look similar to the popular Peanut Cup). 

A fat bomb is made from a mix of ketogenic ingredients such as coconut oils, low carb nuts, and cacao. Some recipes also call for a sweetener of choice, but we find vanilla works well for us. 

Can you make Fat Bombs Dairy Free?

yes, you sure can! This recipe is dairy-free. We use coconut oil and MCT oil instead of Dairy for the fat content. This is great if you have a dairy allergy or are following a Paleo template.  

What if I want to make a Fat Bomb with Dairy?

You can also make fat bombs with Dairy if you prefer, butter is a great alternative to the coconut oil, but we would urge you to choose dairy from grass-fed cattle

Why would I want to eat a Fat Bomb?

Not only do they taste delicious, but Fat Bombs are an awesome way to obtain additional fats into your daily lifestyle whilst keeping your carbohydrates and protein lower. You can also make this recipe without the Collagen if you want to also keep your protein down. 

For those that are tracking their Macros, having a few Keto Fat Bombs in the freezer is a great way to ensure you can keep up your dietary fats. 

Utilise them after a run, for breakfast or as a dessert later in the day. 

When is the best time to eat a Keto Fat Bomb?

Anytime, you can have them at any time of the day. If you are planning on fasting, you can also utilise these post fast. The MCT oil will help with keeping you in Ketosis. 

Will this fat bomb help keep me in Ketosis?

Yes, due to being very low in Carbs and high in healthy fats, these fat bombs will help you to stay in Ketosis unlike many other snack bars. The MCT oil (Medium Chain Triglyceride Oil) is rapidly utilised by the liver and aides ketosis. 

Why do you need to add MCT oil and Coconut oil to this recipe?

We utilise both MCT oil C8 & C10 as well as conventional coconut oil in this recipe. The coconut oil helps to thicken the mixture and hold it together when freezing. It also has awesome antimicrobial properties from the C12. 

MCT oil helps with keeping you in ketosis and is made from predominantly C8 (60%) and C10 (38%). It is also unflavoured, so avoids the Keto Fat Bomb cups from having too strong coconut flavour. 

Why have you added collagen peptides to your Fat Bomb recipe?

We have added collagen to this recipe as collagen contains essential Amino Acids and is key for supporting Optimal Wellness. Collagen can support your skin, hair, nails, bone and joint health as well as being linked to Optimal Gut Health too. 



Recipe makes roughly 6 Keto Cups/bombs

Nutritional Info (Per Serving):

Calories: 415

Fat: 41.3g

Of which Saturates: 13.8g

Carbohydrate: 3.1g

Of which Sugar: 2.1g

Protein: 8g

What You Need (Ingredients):

What You Do (Method):

  1. Blitz the macadamia nuts in a food processor or high power blender, until they are mostly broken down into small pieces. A food processor should also work.
  2. Add your MCT oil & coconut oil (melt the coconut oil before adding), and vanilla extract.
  3. Blend until it turns into a nut butter (this is also a great way to make your own Macadamia MCT nut Butter too). 
  4. Gradually add in the cocoa powder and collagen peptide protein and blitz
  5. Once smooth, spoon or pour into lined cupcake/muffin tin. 
  6. Freeze until hard and then enjoy!

You can also make variations of these fat bombs by adding in Raspberry pieces, strawberry or why not try with some spicy chilli flakes or crunched Pink Salt?


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We do however recommend seeking the services of a trained professional who questions the conventional wisdom to enable you to become the best version of yourself.


  • Christopher Heath

    Hi this is a great recipe and has really helped with my keto.
    Thank you.

  • BushBaby

    Thanks for the great content ! Are u able to add macro nutrients to recipes please? As a rookie on Keto It would be good to know how your yummy recipes stack up in one s daily intake.

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