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    MCT Oil vs. Coconut Oil - which one is best?

    We love coconut oil. It’s great for cooking, tastes delicious (if you get a good one) and is full of benefits - especially when used instead of ultra-processed high PUFA oils.

    But if you want fat-burning, brain powering ketogenic energy, MCT oil is what you’re after. You see, coconut oil contains long-chain fatty acids such as C12 & C14 and is not equally effective when it comes to fat loss and metabolism.

    The really ketogenic and useful MCTs (C8 & C10) are found in relatively small amounts in coconut oil. So for the biggest bang for your buck, you need pure, triple steam distilled C8 & C10 MCT oil.

    Plus, MCT oil is also liquid at room temperature making it super convenient to add to your coffee, smoothies and salads.

    How do MCT oils work inside your body?

    MCT oil is digested very differently in our body to other longer chain fatty acids. Our body can break down MCTs quicker than long-chain triglycerides found in other fats. Our liver is very good at converting MCTs into ketones - a very efficient and ‘clean burning’ fuel source.

    Will using MCT oil help me lose excess fat?

    We believe that eating real food free from sugars, grains and inflammatory oils is key for a healthier lifestyle in our modern world.

    Combining this with movement, play, rest and good quality sleep is also important for optimal health and wellness. If you are looking to lose weight, we would recommend checking out our free Ebook here. 

    In terms of MCT oil - there is a growing body of evidence supporting the use of MCT oil for supporting fat loss, especially when used as part of the Keto diet. 

    MCT oil is made up of medium-chain fatty acids - which are rapidly utilised by the liver for energy. 

    By consuming MCTs, you are promoting fat oxidation, meaning that you metabolise your dietary fat quicker – using it for energy as opposed to storing it.

    Ongoing research is also looking into the effect MCTs have on your appetite-controlling hormones (leptin and ghrelin) suggesting they can you to feel fuller for longer and so aid in fat loss.

    This study also confirms the role of MCT's in fat loss, whilst not affecting metabolic risk factors for cardiovascular disease. 

    What is the difference between MCT oil and MCT powder?

    MCT oil is the most concentrated and purest source of medium-chain fatty acids. 

    Our Hunter & Gather MCT oil in the UK is triple steam distilled for purity and is 100% from organic coconuts.

    No palm oil or rapeseed oils are used in the process and there are no bulkers, fillers or flow agents. 

    Liquid MCT oil has an oily texture and can be poured into coffee, smoothies, salads or shakes. 

    To create a powdered form of MCT oil, MCT oil is spray-dried onto a carrier - such as a maltodextrin, tapioca flour, corn or soy lecithin.  

    It is important to understand what carrier is used as this could impact the carbohydrate levels of the product and also contain dairy products.

    These carriers themselves are rarely disclosed on the ingredients list - so be sure to ask if you are unsure. 

    MCT oil powder is a powder format that can be added to hot liquids and is easy to stir into drinks. 

    Will MCT oil make me have diarrhoea or give me stomach pains?

    When first starting to take MCT oil, we recommend starting with 5ml per day and increase up to 15 ml gradually. 

    Coconut oil is made up of various medium-chain fats (C6, C8, C10 & C12). We only utilise C8 and C10 in our MCT oil. 

    C6 MCT (Caproic acid) is also present in coconut oil, however, it has been noted that C6 can cause an unpleasant taste and stomach pains/discomfort. 

    Choose an MCT oil that is either pure C8 or a C8 and C10 blend. 

    Many companies utilise MCT oil that has come as a byproduct from the beauty industry with harsh hexane chemicals to strip out the C12 (Lauric Acid). 

    MCT oils that have been processed with chemicals can cause stomach upset.

    Be sure to choose an MCT oil that is triple steam distilled like Hunter & Gather 100% Organic MCT Oil - if the company cannot tell you how the MCT oil is made, do not take it and find an alternative that can. 


    Triple steam distilled 100% Coconut MCT oil, with no palm or rapeseed oil used.

    With a neutral taste & aroma, add to tea, coffee, smoothies, shakes or even just drizzle on a salad.  


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