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  • Thrive Fuel® C8 & C10 MCT Powder
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  • Thrive Fuel® C8 & C10 MCT Powder Infographic
  • Thrive Fuel® C8 & C10 MCT Powder and coffee
  • Thrive Fuel® C8 & C10 MCT Powder and Coffee
Thrive Fuel® C8 & C10 MCT Powder







Thrive Fuel® C8 & C10 MCT Powder Infographic
Thrive Fuel® C8 & C10 MCT Powder and coffee
Thrive Fuel® C8 & C10 MCT Powder and Coffee


Thrive Fuel® Transform Your Everyday

A triple steam distilled C8 and C10 Coconut MCT Powder made from Organic Coconuts & Acacia Fibre

  • Organic Certified
  • Now in a Powder
  • Maltodextrin Free
  • No Hexanes or Solvents
  • Gluten, Sugar & Dairy Free
  • Prebiotic Fibre
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Real results with MCT

  • Kev Mason

    "This MCT Oil is a pantry staple"

    Kev Mason Ketogenic Health Coach
  • Roger Snipes

    "It ignites my mornings, burns fat and keeps me energised!"

    Roger Snipes Body Builder & Personal Development Coach

How we make our MCT


    We source Organic Certified Coconuts that are then Triple Steam Distilled & spray dried onto Organic Acacia Fibre (never corn based maltodextrin)


    The result? A pure source of Caprylic Acid (C8), Capric Acid (C10) and prebiotic acacia fibre.


    Thrive Fuel® C8 & C10 MCT Powder is then packaged in a recyclable & resealable pouch, and shipped to you in plastic free packaging.


    Add 10g of Thrive Fuel® C8 & C10 MCT Powder per day in a coffee, smoothie, tea or sprinkled on food. Transform your everyday!

MCT Powder Showdown

Thrive Fuel® C8 & C10 MCT Powder Our MCT Powder
Other MCT Powder The Other Guys
No Palm Oil
No Vegetable Glycerols
No Maltodextrin
Often Not
Triple Distilled
Often Not
Quality Control
Third-party tested
Hand picked coconuts (no animals used)
Animals used to harvest
Top-tier, educational

Lab tested for purity

Only real ingredients

No unnecessary fillers, bulkers or chemical preservatives! Other brands are not the same.

Thrive Fuel® C8 & C10 MCT Powder Ingredients

Organic MCT Oil, Organic Acacia Fibre.

Transform your Everyday with THRIVE FUEL®

Why Take MCT Powder?

A must-have for those following a Keto Lifestyle, or if you are looking for an easy way to increase your good fat intake. MCT Powder is perfect for those seeking a healthy fat source to naturally increase their ketone production, support brain health & energy. MCT is rapidly metabolised by the liver into ketones & supports cognitive function too. 

How to take MCT Powder?

It's a super easy supplementary powder to add into your everyday. We recommend taking up to 10g per day (start gradually if new) in a coffee, smoothie, tea or on food (like yoghurt or grain-free granola). 


We only use 100% recyclable resealable pouches & 100% plastic free packaging for sending your orders too. We also ship all of our website orders in fully plastic free packing. Our MCT Powder is made from Organic Coconuts, avoiding pesticide usage & there is no use of animals in the harvesting of the coconuts. We package our powder in the U.K. as well as each batch being lab tested for heavy metals, toxins & pesticides.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To make a powder format of MCT oil, you need to take a liquid MCT oil and spray dry it onto a carrier. There are a number of MCT Powders on the market that are spray dried onto maltodextrin derived from corn. We do not use corn derived maltodextrin in any of our products, therefore acacia fiber acts as the perfect carrier to spray dry the MCT oil onto. Acacia fiber is grain free, low in carbohydrate, Keto and Paleo friendly as well as being gluten free and derived from the acacia tree. Acacia fiber is also a prebiotic and can support your gut health.

No monkeys or any other animals are used in the collection or harvesting of the coconuts for use in our MCT oil, either the powder or our liquid MCT’s.

We offer both options at Hunter & Gather, a pure Organic Certified MCT oil (either C8 or C8 C10) and a certified Organic C8 & C10 MCT Powder.

A liquid MCT is 100% MCTs with no additional fiber, whereas an MCT Powder requires the addition of a fiber to spray dry the oil onto. MCT powder however is much easier to use, blending easily into coffee, teas, smoothies and shakes without an oily consistency.

MCT powder can be used in so many ways, from adding to tea, coffee, water, smoothies or even cooking. Our favourite way is to add into your morning brew, alongside a scoop of collagen.

Yes, MCT powder provides you with energy so at a very basic level, it will break your fast, but it depends on the reason why you are fasting as to how much of an impact it will have. If you are fasting for anti-aging reasons, or deep healing purposes, energy restriction is crucial for promoting autophagy, so MCT oil being a pure fat means that its caloric density will interrupt this process.

Nevertheless, the MCT powder should not raise insulin for long enough to impact the health benefits if you are fasting for metabolic reasons. If you are intermittent fasting and following a ketogenic diet then MCTs will not break your ketosis, but in fact boost your ketone production.

The acacia fibre is a complex polysaccharide that cannot be digested by humans (only the bacteria within our gut) so, particularly at the very low levels you will be consuming in this product, we do not believe that the fibre will have an impact on breaking your fast.

There is a considerable amount of evidence to suggest that the MCT powder could support fat loss, however it always depends on how you’re using it and what the rest of your diet and lifestyle looks like.

In general, replacing long chain triglycerides (the dietary fats found in most fatty foods) with MCTs has been shown to increase satiety and promote weight loss. The reason for this is because the energy in MCTs is typically used straight away in the body and is less likely to be stored as fat. One study showed that MCT intake increased fat oxidation in the body, reducing the level of fat storage and encouraging weight loss over 4 weeks. Another clinical trial compared the weight loss in two groups – one using MCT oil and the other using olive oil – and found that the MCT group saw greater reductions in body weight.

Alongside this, acacia fibre used in the product has been shown to potentially improve insulin responses and improve feelings of satiety - both of which help to reduce risk of weight gain and obesity. The use of acacia gum has been shown in one study of 120 women to reduce BMI and body fat percentage in comparison to the use of pectin. However, it is important to note that these findings are largely based on research in which the acacia fibre is taken with meals in fairly high dosages (30g and 40g) which then slows gastric emptying and promotes satiety. If you are taking the MCT powder at the recommended dose and/or on an empty stomach then we cannot confirm that it will have the same effect.

MCT oil is brain fuel. One study suggested that MCT oil could supply the brain with up to 8-9% more energy. This can contribute to increased focus and mental clarity. It has also been shown to improve cognitive function in hypoglycemic (low blood sugar) conditions.

Additional research has found that the use of MCTs can even help improve memory problems, including among those with Alzheimer’s disease. A 2018 study found that use of MCTs while following the ketogenic diet helped patients with Alzheimer’s experience improvements in symptoms.

See links embedded above. When it comes to research looking specifically at the use of a powdered form of MCT, this has not yet been done, so we have based our understanding on the impact of MCT oil and acacia fibre on the body.

There is indeed. So far, clinical studies have shown acacia fibre (also known as gum arabic) promotes the growth of healthy bacteria in the human digestive system. In a clinical trial, doses of 10 g of acacia fibre daily led to a significant increase in Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli - two highly beneficial strains of flora, and the prebiotic effect was more potent than the same dose of inulin which is a commonly used prebiotic fibre. A similar prebiotic effect was shown in another study, which suggested that acacia fibre can help improve stool type and regularity. An in-vitro study from 2021, showed acacia fibre to have similar benefits in terms of promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria, as well as inhibiting the growth of Clostridium histolyticum which is commonly associated with dysbiosis.

There are no common interactions that are known between MCT and medications. It is possible that unknown interactions exist. If you take medication, always discuss the potential risks and benefits of adding a new supplement with your doctor or pharmacist.

Based on the current evidence on the benefits of acacia fibre in promoting the growth of certain beneficial microbial strains and inhibiting opportunistic flora in the microbiome, the use of our MCT powder may well help to support gut health.

Furthermore, MCT oil can benefit the gut based on its antimicrobial and antifungal properties, and it is considered safe to use on a long-term basis to help control unwanted overgrowth of certain bacteria and yeast such as candida albicans in the digestive tract.

Nevertheless, it may not be beneficial to all individuals - you will need to assess your personal tolerance based on your individual gut status and diet. The acacia fibre found in this product is prohibited on the GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) diet and SCD (Specific Carbohydrate Diet) which is a common diet among those with inflammatory bowel disease.

While the powder is considered safe at the recommended dosage, it is possible that some individuals may experience side effects. If taken in large amounts, MCT oil or powder may cause nausea, abdominal pain, vomiting and diarrhoea. In rare cases, long term use could lead to a build-up of fat in the liver or strain on the liver in those with liver conditions.

Side effects of acacia fibre have been reported at high dosages of 30g (more than 6 times the amount in our product) and these included a viscous sensation in the mouth, early morning nausea, mild diarrhoea and bloating abdomen. But they only lasted the first week of the trial.

If you experience any concerning side effects when taking the product, we advise you to consult your doctor, and please let us know.

It is a neutral tasting powder with a mild/neutral smell.

The bag should be stored out of direct sunlight and resealed after use. The product can be used until the BBE end date printed on the bag.

Yes you can, so long as the container is clearly branded so that if a search was conducted, you wouldn’t have to worry about the powder being confused with something else! In fact, it's a definite benefit of the powder over the oil which is much harder to travel with.