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The Ultimate H&G Easter Weekend

Our guide to the perfect Easter weekend with food, fun, family and friends - all with a healthier focus!


Enjoy a Healthier Easter Weekend 💪

Who doesn't love a nice long bank holiday Easter weekend to welcome in spring?

The sun is (hopefully) out, friends and family have gathered round the table and it's a chance to pause our hectic lifestyles for a moment of wholesome enjoyment.

Aside from the Easter bunny and newborn chicks, Easter is also synonymous with - you guessed it - chocolate! Chocolate Easter eggs to be exact.

Whilst we all deserve a treat every now and again, there are so many great options to help you swerve sugar this Easter - with just as much enjoyment.

So, checkout our Ultimate Easter Weekend guide to help you plan a happy and healthy Easter minus the mountains of sugar.


Easter Treats 🐣

Mission one in avoiding sugar this Easter: the chocolate treats! They're everywhere you look, they're packed with sugar and there's no stopping little ones from craving them.

The answer is making your own Easter egg and chocolate treats. In place of the heaps of added refined sugars and artificial ingredients you can use natural, real food and 100% cocoa dark chocolate that's completely sugar-free.

High percentage dark chocolate is also a great source of health optimising antioxidants, so here are some tasty treats you can make at home that will love your right back!

🍫 Dark chocolate Easter egg recipe

Invest in an Easter egg mould to make healthier dark chocolate Easter eggs year after year - free from any hidden nasties with the same delicious chocolate flavour.

🍫 3 Ingredient chocolate fudge

If the kids (or adults!) fancy another chocolate fix after their Easter dinner, why not whip up a batch of our super simple and easy 3 ingredient chocolate fudge. This sugar-free recipe makes 24 servings - perfect for the whole family to enjoy.

Family Fun 🎾

Burn off some energy and release your inner child with some exciting fun and games which don't break the bank - or your sugar-free lifestyle.

Why not plan the classic Easter egg hunt, followed by an egg and spoon race then Easter arts & crafts.

Check out the articles below for some budget-friendly ideas to keep the little ones entertained with fun and games to last the whole weekend.

🐣 Fun ideas for an Easter weekend that avoids sugar!

🎯 3 Best budget friendly summer outdoor games

Easter Dinner 🍽️

Give your Sunday roast an Easter upgrade with one or more of our favourite dishes.

All of these can be prepared in advance, so that you can enjoy your Easter weekend without slaving away in the kitchen and missing out on all the fun.

They're all sugar-free, made with real and natural ingredients - and utterly delicious!

With meat, fish, a veggie option and sides - all you'll need is a big old tray of caramelised roasted veggies. Enjoy!

🐄 Meatloaf with unsweetened BBQ sauce

Grass Fed beef and pork mince, expertly seasoned and brought together with our Unsweetened Smokey Barbecue Sauce. The perfect roast to serve up as the centrepiece of your Easter dinner.

🐟 Lemon & dill salmon fillet

Wild caught salmon paired with the classic combo of lemon and dill. We add a generous dollop of our Olive & Lemon Mayonnaise, which keeps the salmon fillet juicy and packed with fresh flavour.

🧀 Cauliflower cheese roast with Organic ghee

Our roasted cauliflower cheese is a great veggie option to serve in place of meat or fish. You can also serve this up as a side dish for everyone to enjoy alongside their dinner. Use our Grass Fed Organic Ghee for a buttery, caramelised and perfectly roasted cauliflower.

😋 Low carb Yorkshire pudding recipe

Be sure to make enough of our Low Carb Yorkshire puddings to satisfy demand - as these will fly off the table! We've made some simple swaps to bring down the carb count of your Yorkshires. The article also includes some top tips for making the perfect gravy to smother your puddings in!

Leftover chocolate 🍫

Once Easter is done and dusted, if you find yourself with odd shards of broken Easter egg that are all too tempting to snack on throughout the day - why not reinvent them as another tasty treat that's also sugar-free?

Giving your leftover chocolate a new lease of life with a recipe that serves many can also help to reduce your overall chocolate intake, compared with munching on the leftovers as they are!

Here are some of our favourite recipes which utilise 100% dark chocolate - but you can use whichever chocolate you have lying around.

👉 Dark chocolate mousse with collagen peptides

Light and fluffy dark chocolate mousse with an added scoop of Collagen Peptides. This is a great lighter option to serve up as a dessert after your Easter dinner.

👉 Chocolate brownies with Organic coconut oil

These brownies are made with 100% dark chocolate and erythritol, so they're completely sugar-free. We also use Extra Virgin Coconut Oil which is ideal for baking with and also adds a subtle coconut flavour that you'll love!

👉 Chocolate raspberry cheesecake brownies

Take your brownies to the next level with our raspberry cheesecake marble brownie recipe. They're gluten free, grain free and refined sugar free - and a real showstopper with no fancy equipment needed!


Whatever you're up to this Easter weekend, we hope that you get the chance to enjoy some of our favourite food, fun and games with your family. Remember, following a healthier and sugar-free lifestyle is all about making simple swaps - not missing out!

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