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Trusted by Skincare Specialists: Collagen Peptides

Our collagen peptides are an amazing natural supplement to support glowing skin from within, but don't just take our word for it - let's hear from the expert.

Ella, Acne Skincare Specialist

Meet Ella, skin specialist & collagen super fan

Ella Gorton is an acne skin specialist and self-proclaimed collagen super fan!

Throughout her career Ella has always endeavoured to seek out the best natural solutions to improve skin health and help those with skin conditions manage their symptoms.

The skincare industry is huge and often overwhelming - especially for those who suffer with skin flare-ups, which could potentially be worsened by poor quality products and supplements.

So, Ella uses her expertise to recommend skincare products which have proven results - that's where collagen comes in. 

Why Ella chooses - and would always recommend - Hunter & Gather Collagen Peptides

From topical creams, lotions and potions that don't even penetrate the skin's barrier - to ineffective supplements full of false promises, it's tricky to navigate the skincare world and know who to trust.

That's why Ella always recommends Hunter & Gather Collagen Peptides to her skincare clients. She can confidently explain with absolute clarity that this product is a natural, root-cause solution to better skin - backed by science and with no hidden nasties.

Ella tells us that her clients love how versatile collagen powder is, and that you can easily fit it into your daily routine - adding a scoop to meals, shakes and skin-loving smoothies. None meat-eaters can even opt for Hunter & Gather Marine Collagen instead!

If you have a skin condition or simply want to look after your skin health as much as possible, trust our skincare expert Ella when it comes to her personal recommendations! 

"Hunter & Gather set the market standard, with their incredible range of food products and supplements for conscious consumers, who want to do better for their health." 


Benefits of collagen for skin health

Collagen is a key structural protein in the body — it helps build healthy, rigid bones and teeth, produces lubricating, well-functioning joints and is essential for skin health.

Science shows that consuming collagen peptides can help to reduce wrinkles, improve the hydration of your skin and strengthen skin elasticity.

In fact, one study showed that taking collagen supplements for just four weeks showed significant improvements in skin hydration, elasticity, roughness and density.

Another study showed that taking collagen peptides daily for eight weeks could significantly decrease wrinkles and dark spots under the eyes

Ageing is a key determinant of skin health and collagen production naturally declines as we age - so supplementing your diet with collagen is one of the best ways to help you look younger for longer.

Hunter & Gather Bovine Collagen Peptides

Acne skincare specialist Ella loves to recommend Hunter & Gather Bovine Collagen Peptides to her clients.

That is because it includes Types I & III collagen and is packed with essential amino acids that are fundamental for liver function - helping to eliminate waste products and detoxify the skin from within.

Adding collagen to your daily routine is an easy way to get more protein into your diet, with just under 12g per serving.

"Bovine collagen from Grass Fed cattle, mixed into any liquid such as coffee, is my go to for supporting skin health. It even contains a huge 13,000mg pure collagen per serving."



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