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Introducing Hunter & Gather Organic Tallow

Tallow is one of our favourite ancestral fats so we couldn't be happier to be bringing a pure, organic and delicious new tallow product right to your table.

What is tallow exactly?

Tallow (also known as beef dripping) is a type of animal fat which is usually sourced from beef and, less often, mutton. This form of fat has been prized in cookery for centuries. It really is the ultimate ancestral fat!

Most people will think of beef when they hear tallow, but some commercial tallows can be sourced from different animals - and can even contain a mixture of animal fats. These can be derived from cows, sheep, pigs, hogs and more.

Tallow is typically made from suet, a hard and white type of fat which can be found around the organs of the animal.

The fat is rendered, which means that it is cooked down to remove its impurities. After rendering and once cooled, tallow is solid at room temperature and looks very similar to lard.

It's similar to butter too - but more white than yellow and with a firmer, waxier texture (which provides some great functional benefits!) You can scoop our tallow straight out the jar and use it just as you would with butter and ghee.

Just a few reasons why we LOVE tallow 💛

Quality tallow is a nutritious & healthy fat 🧈

Tallow consists of both saturated and monounsaturated fats, with monounsaturated fat making up around 50%.

Just like those found in olive oil, monounsaturated fats are incredibly heart healthy and nutritious. Studies have shown that they do not raise levels of bad cholesterol (LDL), but instead have a neutral effect - or can even help to raise levels of good cholesterol (HDL).

Tallow contains Vitamins A, D, E & K - which have health benefits for our eyesight, skin, bones and immune system. What's more, the high fat content of tallow helps to best absorb these nutrients for maximum utilisation.

You'll also find a healthy serving of Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) in tallow. This is a type of fat found naturally in meat which has been linked with many health benefits including maintaining muscle mass, promoting fat loss, lowering inflammation and improving heart health.

Interestingly, research has shown that the CLA content of Grass Fed meat is anywhere from 300-500% higher compared with grain-fed too (amazing!) So, choosing a quality Grass Fed tallow such as ours is key to enjoying these benefits.

Is minimally processed 🙌

Suet is transformed into tallow simply by gently heating until the fat separates from any meat and connective tissues, leaving behind a pure source of fat. This process is known as rendering.

Rendering fat also evaporates any moisture from raw fat. As water is needed for bacteria to survive and multiply, removing this water gives the fat a much longer shelf life and makes it very safe to store.

Has a high smoke point, perfect for cooking 🔥

Tallow has a high smoke point of around 220C. This means that it can withstand high heat cooking, without breaking down and releasing harmful toxins.

Not only is this better for our health, but it means that tallow is very versatile for cooking with and also helps to maintain the great flavour of this fabulous fat.

It’s amazing to cook with - think grilling a steak, cooking eggs or stir-frying veggies - the list is endless.

So you can use tallow for frying, sautéing, roasting and much more - to add nutrition, flavour and practical benefits to your recipes too!

Introducing Hunter & Gather Organic Tallow

Can be frozen & also keeps for a long period of time 🧊

Just like in the good old days, before the invention of the refrigerator, tallow can actually be stored at room temperature and has a great shelf life.

Kept in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and moisture - tallow will stay fresh for anywhere between 6-12 months.

You just need to store tallow in an airtight container or jar such as ours, to prevent oxidation of this all natural product. You can also freeze tallow which is great for bulk buying and stocking up!

💡Tip: Melt tallow in a bowl over some hot water, then pour into an ice cube tray - for single serve fat bombs that are great for cooking with, as well as tossing into smoothies and shakes!

Tastes amazing 😋

Last but not least, tallow has a distinct flavour which is similar to other animal fats. It has an amazing luxurious texture, comparable to the sumptuousness of duck fat.

When sourced from 100% beef, particularly Grass Fed, tallow has a great depth of flavour which can add a beefy and meaty taste to help flavour any meal.

How do you use tallow? 🤔

Like most fats, tallow is great for utilising in cooking. However, its versatility and potential uses don't end there - as tallow is an amazing natural fat with multiple useful applications.

You can use tallow in cooking of course - as a natural and healthy cooking fat. The preferable nutritional profile and natural origins of tallow make it a great healthier alternative to heavily processed modern cooking fats.

Tallow is also an awesome ingredient when making your own natural soaps and skincare products. The unique firm and waxy texture of tallow combined with its nourishing and moisturising properties make it a great base ingredient for many skincare and beauty products.

Finally, the same firm and waxy texture which makes tallow great for skin care also makes it the ideal natural and raw material to use when making your own candles too.

You can learn more about the multiple uses of tallow in our article below:

👉 How to use Tallow: In cooking, candles, beauty and more

Hunter & Gather Tallow

Our Organic tallow is truly special. As a tallow super fan (and arguable connoisseur!) Hunter & Gather co-founder Jeff wanted to create a tallow that ticked all the boxes.

"Our tallow is made with all-natural 100% beef tallow and no added ingredients whatsoever. It is literally just tallow - sourced from Organic Grass Fed cattle right here in the UK" - Jeff

Tallow is a super nutrient-dense cooking fat and can therefore help support your health goals too, whether you're Low Carb, Paleo, Keto or just looking to make healthier choices.

By choosing Hunter & Gather Organic tallow you can enjoy all the benefits of the ultimate ancestral fat as part of your everyday routine. Use to cook delicious recipes, add to your morning bulletproof coffee or enjoy it's wider benefits as part of your skincare routine and more.

We are so excited for Organic Tallow to join the Hunter & Gather family - and we can't wait for you to try it 🎉



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