An ingenious alternative to grain based wraps…


These wraps can be used with a variety of fillings.


We love them with egg mayo or a crispy bacon, avocado and lettuce filling!


They roll up really well and are therefore suitable for packed lunches, food on the go and picnics too. Perfect for kids lunch boxes 🙌🏼




This quantity of prepared mixture is enough to make four wraps.


  1. Combine the cassava flour, tiger nut milk and egg in a blender and combine well. I use a Nutribullet for this, which works well.
  2. Lightly coat a non stick pan with Hunter & Gather Avocado Oil. Heat up the pan on a medium heat.
  3. Place a quarter of the prepared mixture into the hot pan in a circular shape (approximate area is the size of a small side plate).
  4. The mixture will start to bubble up after a short while. Do not be tempted to turn the wrap over just yet. Once the edges start to lift slightly, you can turn the wrap over to complete cooking it through and it will develop a golden brown colour.

Allow to cool and eat up!


Cassava Wraps

Cassava Wraps



A wonderful Gluten free recipe developed and photographed by the very talented Louise Gardner over at Primal Grapevine. You can catch Louise @primalgrapevine on Instagram and Twitter.


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