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Real Ingredients - It's No Yolk, They Really Are The Best!

In short, we are hugely proud of the egg yolk we use in our mayonnaise.

With the second main ingredient of mayonnaise being egg yolks, we had no choice but to source the finest available…

Egg yolks are what give our mayonnaise the rich, creamy and silky texture along with the gorgeous deep colour as praised by the Great Taste Awards panel.

The provenance of our ingredients along with the quality and transparency is at the top of our agenda when developing our product range.

Nature's Perfect Food

With eggs being touted as natures perfect food, rich in protein, fat and nutrients like B vitamins, Choline and Selenium, we’re huge fans of eggs here at Hunter & Gather.

With Choline being shown to aid in brain, nervous system and cell health and Selenium contributing to bone health and energy production, what more could you ask for?

What's not a real food!

Early on in our journey, we came to realise that many producers use non British sourced eggs and sometimes even spray dried powdered eggs that can contain undeclared fillers and flow agents such as silicon dioxide (an ingredient in paint).

It becomes a messy situation when intervening with real food in this way.

Simply put - This is not real food.

Our real food yolk

With our unwillingness to compromise on quality, and desire to question conventional wisdom in all that we do, we sought out the finest, award winning egg supplier in the land.

We use the finest award-winning British Free Range Egg Yolk in it’s natural liquid form -  who’d have thought hey!

What you’re getting from our egg yolks

  • Genuine British Free Range from the West Country
  • 100%West Country Family (owned and run) Farm Traceability
  • RSPCA Freedom Foods Approved
  • Vegetarian Society Approved (the only eggs in the UK)
  • British Lion Quality
  • In it’s natural liquid state - not spray dried.
  • Great Taste Award Winner
  • No preservatives, fillers, flow agents or stabilisers
  • Small batch production made specifically for our award winning avocado oil mayonnaise
  • Gently pasteurised (no raw eggs here!)
  • Every batch is Laboratory tested to ensure quality and safety
  • SALSA Approved facility

We hope this gives you a great insight into one of the key ingredients we use in our mayonnaise and why it is so very important to be as diligent as possible when seeking out products.


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