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Hunter & Gather Year End Reflections 2023

Amy & Jeff's 2023 highlights and year end reflections 🎉

It's been quite the year... 💪

It's been a truly transformational year over at H&G HQ as we completed our 6th year of challenging the broken food and health system!

Our vision and purpose of enabling you to live a healthier and happier life is stronger than ever and building more and momentum, week on week.

Guiding our customers pursuit of health away from a broken system that leaves people sick, overweight and unhappy is our north star in all that we do at Hunter & Gather. It is something which can be seen through our people, education and the products which we provide to the world.

We are super proud of all that we have achieved towards this goal over the past year, and none of that would be possible without our amazing customers.

Here are our highlights and key reflections of 2023.

- Amy & Jeff


1. Growing the H&G Team 📈

Our team is thriving and has grown from 12 to 18 incredibly passionate and hardworking individuals this year.

This also saw us move into a new H&G HQ fit for the next phase of growth over the coming months and years, as we look to continually challenge flawed conventional wisdom.

Hunter & Gather Year End Reflections 2023

2. Achieving acclaimed recognition for all our efforts 🏆

Not only have we welcomed thousands and thousands of incredibly happy new customers to our range of products that support their pursuit of health, we have achieved exceptional external validation for our collective efforts too.

This includes B Corp certification, Informed Sport accreditation and a string of awards including the prestigious Great Taste and Nourish Awards (plus significant media attention for our efforts!). 

3. Launching some amazing new products 🚀

It was also a productive and exciting year creating and delivering products that our passionate customers (you!) requested.

New product launches this year include MCT Powder, Collagen Creamers, Rise & Glow Collagen - and our Unsweetened Sauces moving to a recyclable squeezy bottle format (as well as being available in some delicious new flavours).

Hunter & Gather new product launches 2023

4. And bringing those products to the people! 🛒

Our team also worked incredibly hard to bring our products to more and more high streets throughout the country, with the continued success of our listing in Holland & Barrett being a big win this year.

Making our products as accessible as possible is a key goal for us as we strive to make as big an impact on the food industry as possible!

5. Growing the H&G tribe and receiving awesome feedback 🤩

As well as growing the team, we have also relished in seeing our own community experience phenomenal growth.

We've welcomed tens of thousands of new customers to the Hunter & Gather tribe, and have received some amazing feedback and reviews throughout the year.

Hearing first hand from customers who are enjoying the products and noticing improvements to their own health is so rewarding and fuels our hard work every day.

6. Supporting our community 🧡

Supporting likeminded individuals does not just end with our customers, but extends to other businesses, organisations and causes who are also aligned with our core values.

This year has seen us supporting our community more than ever, working with friends including (but not limited to):

7. An April Fools that made it into the grocer! 👀

On a lighter note, we were pleasantly surprised and over the moon to see that this year's H&G April Fools prank was well received - so much so that it featured in the Grocer!

We teased a 'Truffilicious Chocolate Mayo' in a bluff collab with Funky Fat Foods, to which the grocer responded: "Don't tease us. I say do it!"

And finally, two personal highlights for us as Founders, were these incredibly rewarding and enriching experiences...

8. Our very first Hunter & Gather investor retreat ⛺️

The first being our 24 hour H&G Investor Retreat where a group of strangers (with the one thing in common being their investment in Hunter & Gather) engaged in key lifestyle enhancing activities.

This included a cold water plunge, foraging and connecting to one another in an ancestral community setting.

We can't wait to see which activities we will get up to at next year's retreat!

Hunter & Gather Year End Reflections 2023

9. An unforgettable trip to Iceland 🇮🇸

Our second highlight was a trip to Iceland which we both made in October to help with the historic tradition of Réttir - the annual roundup of the Icelandic sheep from the mountains.

This gave us an incredible firsthand experience of the wild roaming habitat of the ancient breed of Icelandic Lamb - the source of our incredible nutrient dense and bioavailable superfood nose to tail supplements.

It was a real privilege to be welcomed and hosted by our Icelandic friends and contribute to this important tradition.

We hope you have enjoyed an exclusive behind the scenes insight into what 2023 looked like for us. Here's to the 7th year of the Hunter & Gather journey which will be even more impactful, exciting and purpose-led than ever - as we continually strive to fuse ancestral and modern wisdom to give our customers the tools to thrive for life 💪

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