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Hunter & Gather launch 7 products into Booths!

Edwin Henry Booth opened his first store in Blackpool in 1847, and he had one simple aim: “to sell the best goods available, in attractive stores, with excellent assistants.”

Booths supermarkets have now grown to 28 stores, spread throughout Lancashire, Cumbria, Yorkshire, Cheshire and Greater Manchester and we are delighted to announce that we are launching 7 Hunter & Gather products in store as of this week (26th October). 

The Booths stores pride themselves on great customer service, and superior products - which is why we felt that Booths was the perfect supermarket for us to work with! We hope you agree?

* Article updated Jan 2022 as MAYOCADO has now been delisted as a product

Products available in-store: 

1) Avocado Oil Mayonnaise Classic 175g

2) Avocado Oil Mayonnaise Garlic 175g

3) Avocado Oil Mayonnaise Chipotle Chilli 175g

4) Unsweetened Ketchup 250g

5) Unsweetened Barbecue Sauce 250g

6) Unsweetened Chipotle Ketchup 250g

7) Extra Virgin Avocado Oil 250ml 


Store availability of products: 


Booths store listing 1 of 3


Booths supermarket listing

 Booths store listing

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