Co-founders of Hunter & Gather receiving award

Hunter & Gather Founders Crowned FSB London Young Entrepreneurs 2020

Hunter & Gather Founders Crowned FSB Young Entrepreneurs 2020 

We are delighted to share that Hunter & Gather Founders Amy & Jeff have been crowned London's "Young Entrepreneurs Of The Year 2020" at the FSB awards ceremony in Horse Guards Parade London on Thursday 12th March - they now go forward to the National Finals in May 2020. 

A bit about the FSB Awards: 

The FSB Celebrating Small Business Awards recognise and celebrate the huge contribution that smaller businesses and the self-employed make to the UK.

They to celebrate the UK’s small businesses and recognise each and every person, company or family that owns, runs or works in a smaller business.

You are our innovators, our economic drivers – the backbone of our communities. It is your businesses that embody the creativity and resilience that fuels the UK’s prosperity.

A word from Amy & Jeff:

"We are astounded that we were chosen as the London winners, we were up against some amazing competition and never expected this. It is an honour to represent young entrepreneurs in the UK and to bring innovation with products that challenge convention and promote Optimal Health".


Hunter & Gather Founders Amy & Jeff FSB award winners


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  • Janice

    You two young entrepreneurs look fantastic; you are the result of a healthy diet and lifestyle and believing in yourself and your products. I have been a fan of yours through following you on Facebook from 🇨🇦 Many Congratulations on this fantastic award.

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