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  • Egg Free Sriracha Olive Oil Mayonnaise 250g
  • Top 14

    Allergen Free





  • Sriracha Egg Free Olive Oil Mayo Infographic
  • 250g Sriracha Egg Free Olive Oil Mayo
  • Cucumber Dipped Into Sriracha Egg Free Olive Oil Mayo
Egg Free Sriracha Olive Oil Mayonnaise 250g

Top 14

Allergen Free





Sriracha Egg Free Olive Oil Mayo Infographic
250g Sriracha Egg Free Olive Oil Mayo
Cucumber Dipped Into Sriracha Egg Free Olive Oil Mayo


The first egg-free, no added sugar & Olive Oil Mayo!

An egg & sugar free mayo made with only real ingredients. No blends of oils or cheap, unhealthy, inflammatory oils.

  • Top 14 Allergen Free
  • Plant Based
  • Sugar Free
  • Olive Oil Goodness
  • Keto, Low Carb & Gluten-Free
  • No Artificial Nasties
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Great Taste with Egg Free Mayo

  • Rebecca Bennet-Formstone

    "All of them are so fluffy and creamy with subtle flavours to enhance any dish!"

    Rebecca Bennet-Formstone Keto Influencer

how we make our egg free mayo

  • Sourced

    Hexane free Olive Oil from Spain. Daytime harvested to avoid nesting birds.

  • Produced

    Mayo made in the UK with all natural ingredients.

  • Packed

    Packaged in recyclable glass jars & sent to you in 100% plastic free packaging.

  • Usage

    Add this delicious mayo to veggies, salads or simply as a dip. Enjoy mayo, Egg-Free!

Egg Free Mayo Showdown

Sriracha Egg Free Mayo Our Egg Free Mayo
Other Mayo The Other Guys
Egg & Soy Free
Often Not
Oils Used
Seed or Veg
Top 14 Allergen Free
Often Not
No Added Sugar
Often Not
Top-tier, educational

Only real ingredients

No unnecessary fillers, bulkers or chemical preservatives! Other brands are not the same.

Sriracha Egg Free Mayo Ingredients

Olive Oil, Apple Cider Vinegar, Lemon Juice, Potato Starch, Pink Himalayan Salt, Chilli Flakes.

Try Great Tasting Mayo, Egg Free

A Tasty Dip

A creamy, sriracha egg free mayo that does not compromise on taste or texture. With olive oil, chilli flakes & a touch of pink Himalayan salt - this delicious mayo is the perfect addition to veggies, salads or simply as a dip. You won't believe something this good is actually healthy too!

Keto Friendly

We use Potato Starch instead of egg for this recipe. Potato starch is a Type 2 Resistant Starch which can reduce insulin resistance, burns fat and reduces hunger. It does not impact your blood sugar in the same way as a cooked potato and it is therefore considered Keto friendly.


We only use recyclable glass jars for our mayonnaise, paper labels & 100% plastic free packaging for sending your orders. Our olives come from ancient olive groves in Spain, where the olives are harvested in the daytime to avoid disturbing wildlife & nesting birds.

Hi, we are Amy and Jeff, co-founders of Hunter & Gather, an ancestrally inspired lifestyle brand.

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Our Story

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that some of our customers are unable to eat eggs due to intolerances or preference and we wanted everyone to be able to enjoy a healthier mayo without any allergens or nasties. It was our aim to produce a creamy tasting mayo range that is free from all allergens, inflammatory fats, added sugar or artificial chemical preservatives.

We have swapped the egg yolks (that we use in our egg-based mayo range) for potato starch. A resistant starch that has a low impact to your blood sugar levels.

The Egg Free Mayos are Keto friendly, due to the great healthy fat content, no added sugar and low carbs. As potato starch is a resistant starch, it is widely accepted on a keto lifestyle as an ingredient.

The jury is out on whether potato is classed as paleo. We have not labelled our Egg Free Mayos as Paleo, however we do use real food ingredients with minimal processing (just a big stick blender).

Our egg free mayos are made without any of the top 14 allergens! We do however encourage you to read the full ingredients list (we list out each herb, spice etc) so you can make your own decision on whether the recipe is right for you personally.

We only use 100% olive oil from Spain. It’s a light olive oil that is hexane and solvent free, being pressed by mechanical means and no chemical extraction.