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Hosted by world renowned Dr. Chatterjee

Feel Better Live More aims to inspire, empower and transform the way we feel by simplifying healthy living, and we are delighted to be partnering with the podcast to help you in your pursuit of health.

Welcome to Hunter & Gather

At Hunter & Gather, it's our mission to revolutionise the food industry by creating real food essentials and everyday supplements that put health first.

That's why we never use unnecessary binders, fillers, artificial preservatives, cheap inflammatory oils, refined sugars or grains, opting for ancestrally inspired real food ingredients instead (the way food should be made).

We hunt high and low to gather only the highest quality, real food ingredients (see what we did there) and this means our tribe of loyal shoppers trust in us to create healthy products that also don’t compromise on taste.

Meet our Founders

Amy Amy


Co-Founder & CEO

Jeff Jeff


Co-Founder & CVO

We are a British Couple, that are on a mission to revolutionise the food industry! Amy as a lifelong coeliac and Jeff as an acne, asthma and IBS sufferer, we started Hunter & Gather in 2017 to solve our own challenges with the super processed modern food industry.

Hunter & Gather is now a multi-award-winning, B-corp certified, cross category, real food & supplements brand that provides the tools you need to thrive in a life free from refined sugar, grains, and inflammatory seed oils.

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