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Our top 10 lunchtime & healthy snack recipes

We've rounded up our top lunchtime & healthy snack recipes to make sure you can glide through your busy schedule, optimally fuelled and completely satisfied.

Eating on the go, without compromising...

We get that lunch is not always as exciting, tasty or nutritious as other meals.

This mostly comes down to convenience - with it being much easier to grab something already prepared than it is to get busy in the kitchen.

BUT, opting for readymade lunch and snack options also comes hand in hand with introducing harmful ingredients to your meal.

Things like preservatives, artificial ingredients, added sugars, seed oils and more can end up bulking out your meal - and ultimately harming your health.

Instead, making your own lunch and snacks from scratch means you can enjoy 100% natural, healthful ingredients and nothing else.

    Read on for our top 10 lunchtime and healthy snack recipes - which tick all the boxes for nourishing, Low Carb and Keto friendly food you can enjoy on the go.

    Our Top 5 Lunchtime Picks

    These lunches travel well, are super nutritious and perhaps most importantly - taste incredible!

    Check out our recipes below for 5 amazing lunches you can prepare in advance and enjoy on the go.

    Mason Jar Greek Salad with Olive Oil Dressing 🥗

    Our Mason Jar Salad is cleverly assembled so that the dressing is at the bottom and the salad rests on top, keeping it fresh and crunchy.

    With vibrant salad, creamy feta cheese and Greek Olive Oil Salad Dressing - this salad is super satisfying and packed with nutrients.

    👉 Here's the recipe

    Meal Prep Avocado Oil Pesto Chicken 🍗

    We make our own pesto from scratch with Extra Virgin Avocado Oil, so it's super fresh and bursting with flavour - minus any of the nasties you'd find in store bought pesto.

    Spread a dollop of homemade pesto onto each free range chicken thigh and bake until crispy, before serving up with fine green beans and broccoli.

    Finally, divide into meal prep lunch boxes or Tupperware and pop into the fridge for lunch that's ready when you are.

    👉 Here's the recipe

    Meal prep avocado oil pesto chicken recipe

    Keto & Gluten Free Cheesy Sausage Rolls 🌭

    Sausage rolls no longer have to be a guilty pleasure!

    Use Organic Grass Fed pork sausages and make your own batter with eggs, grated cheese, almond flour and Hunter & Gather Olive Oil Mayonnaise.

    The result is next level sausage rolls that are Low Carb, Keto friendly and packed with healthy fats and protein.

    👉 Here's the recipe

    Cassava Chicken & Bacon Wraps 🌯

    Cassava wraps are grain-free, gluten-free and an amazing alternative to conventional wheat-based wraps.

    Not only are they Low Carb and Keto friendly, but they're free from the harmful seed oils, preservatives and artificial ingredients you'd find in store bought wraps.

    You can fill them with whatever you fancy, but this recipe uses the classic combo of chicken and bacon - with a generous dollop of Hunter & Gather Olive Oil Mayo.

    👉 Here's the recipe

    Keto Grain-Free Bread Rolls with Smoked Salmon 🥯

    Making your own Low Carb and Grain Free bread rolls is much easier than you might think.

    Combine almond flour, psyllium husk, free range eggs and apple cider vinegar with water - then whisk together for just 30 seconds, before shaping and baking.

    Slice in half your rolls and top with whatever you fancy, or follow our suggested serving of wild caught smoked salmon, Hunter & Gather Garlic Avocado Oil Mayonnaise and a garnish of fresh dill.

    👉 Here's the recipe

    Keto grain-free bread rolls with smoked salmon recipe

    Our Top 5 Healthy Snack Recipes

    Snacks make up around a third of the calories we consume each day, so it's really important to consider where that energy comes from.

    Choosing natural, nutritious and healthy snacks over readymade, heavily processed snacks is a great way to support optimal health and wellness.

    Here are 5 of our favourite Keto & Low Carb snack recipes.

    Keto Seed Crackers with Collagen Peptides 🌱

    We love making a batch of seed crackers on a lazy Sunday afternoon, ready to snack on throughout the busy week ahead.

    Adding a scoop of Collagen Peptides means that every bite can help to support joint, bone and digestive health as well as longevity.

    👉 Here's the recipe

    Keto & Low Carb Chocolate Brownies 🍫

    You don't have to enjoy chocolate brownies only once in a blue moon when you can make your own with natural, healthy and Keto friendly ingredients.

    Our soft and gooey chocolate brownies are made with dark chocolate, cocoa powder, erythritol and Extra Virgin Coconut Oil.

    With just 171 calories and 0.3g sugar per brownie, they're the perfect snack for a mid-afternoon boost.

    👉 Here's the recipe

    Keto chocolate brownies recipe

    Dark Chocolate Raspberry Muffins 🍓

    Make your own gluten-free and dairy -free muffins, using Extra Virgin Coconut Oil as a healthy fat.

    Coconut oil has a buttery texture and subtle flavour which works really well with the dark chocolate and raspberries in this recipe.

    Enjoy with your morning Bulletproof Coffee or afternoon MCT oil smoothie for a boost of healthy fats to keep you naturally energised.

    👉 Here's the recipe

    Carnivore Fat Bombs with Collagen Peptides 💪

    Fat bombs provide an explosion of energy and nutrients in a small and tasty vessel that's ideal for enjoying on the move.

    We use melted beef tallow, Collagen Peptides and Organ Supplement Capsules to make all natural and nutrient dense fat bombs.

    Each of our carnivore fat bombs provides 27g fat, 6g protein and zero carbs!

    👉 Here's the recipe

    Keto Gingerbread Cookies with Coconut Icing 🥥

    Last but not least are our Keto gingerbread cookies with coconut butter icing.

    They're gluten-free, sugar-free and ideal for making with the kids. We add a scoop of Collagen Peptides to the cookie batter, for some extra protein you wouldn't usually find in baked treats.

    Each batch makes 18 gingerbread cookies, enough to pop one (or two!) into the whole family's lunchboxes.

    👉 Here's the recipe

    Gingerbread Keto Cookies

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