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Top 5 Barbecue Brands in 2023

We're passionate about all things barbecue here at Hunter & Gather, so we wanted to create a handy guide to round up some of the best BBQ brands of 2023. 

Reasons to invest in a decent barbecue

You can get barbecues in all shapes, sizes and price ranges - so why should you choose a top end barbecue over a budget buy? Whilst expensive doesn't always equate to better, here are just a few reasons why you may like to upgrade your basic barbecue this summer.

  • Quicker to get started - Higher end barbies tend to reach their optimum temperature quicker, so you don't have to wait an age for things to heat up before you can start cooking.

  • More reliable temperatures - The better the barbie, the more control you'll have over its cooking temperature - so that you can cook your food to perfection instead of relying on guesswork.

  • A bigger grill for a bigger crowd - If you have a hungry crowd waiting to be fed, you'll thank yourself for choosing a barbecue with a bigger grill - so that you can feed them quicker and enjoy eating together!

  • Versatility - Better barbies will have many different functions and settings. This means that you can cook a variety of foods from the main event to delicious side dishes, all in one place and without the need to run back and forth to the kitchen.

  • Easier to clean - The more basic the barbecue, the harder it will be to clean - so it makes sense that a swankier barbecue will probably have some cool features to make cleaning up so much easier.

  • Environment - Throwaway culture has a huge impact on the planet, with items that we only keep for a year before replacing ending up in landfill and contributing to climate change. Investing in better quality products which last a lot longer is one way we can all reduce throwaway culture and help protect the planet.

  • Taste & end result - A combination of all of the above makes for a superior barbecue experience every time. That means juicier, tastier and more tender meat - ultimately the end goal of any barbecue!

How to choose the best barbecue for you

Choosing the right barbecue for you will depend on your budget, family size, how often you'll use it, what you plan on cooking, the size of your garden and so much more!

To make things a little easier and help you get started, check out our articles below for the ultimate guide to barbecuing, 5 barbecue recipes and the health benefits of eating more meat.

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The best meat to barbecue with

Whichever the method of cooking, we are firm believers in the outstanding and unparalleled quality of Grass fed organic meat.

Grass fed animals are given the space they need in the great outdoors, to roam their land freely and graze on a natural diet just as nature intended.

Not only is pasture for life produce the ethical and sustainable choice, but it is also nutritionally superior as well as unbeatable in taste.

Grass fed meat is marbled with natural fats which make for a juicy, tender and tasty meat when barbecued - for that perfect charred on the outside, succulent on the inside result.

You can learn more about the benefits of grass fed meat in our article below.

🌱 Is Grass Fed meat really worth the hype? 

Top 5 Barbecue Brands in 2023

Now that we have planted the seed for upgrading your barbecue this summer, here are our top 5 barbecue brands:

1. Weber

Weber is an American manufacturer of charcoal, gas and electric outdoor grills. They also make innovative barbecue accessories and even cookbooks.

Interestingly, Weber was born in 1952 when its founder George Stephen was working in a marine buoy factory. He had a vision that creating a grill with the same shape as a buoy would help to lock in smoke and protect food from the elements. He proceeded to cut a buoy in half, added air vents and legs - and so Weber was born!

You can't get much more experience or knowledge from a barbecue brand than Weber. They also have some generous warranties and a guaranteed lifetime of customer service.

Needless to say, Weber have came on leaps and bounds since the OG buoy grill. When it comes to producing their quality grills, innovation is everything - with features such as inbuilt lights and even 'flavourizer bars' to ensure maximum flavour.

With charcoal, gas, electric and portable grills - as well as accessories and merchandise, the Weber barbecue range has something for everyone.

👉 Weber Barbecues

2. Traeger

Traeger is another barbecue manufacturer which originates in the US. Founded in 1985, Traeger produce everything you could ever think of for barbecuing - from food to fuel, grills, accessories and everything in between.

Traeger produce their own barbecue foods known as the Traeger Provisions range. This includes rubs, sauces and even meal kits with shareable sides, available in selected US states and from chosen UK suppliers.

Aside from amazing grills and attention to detail with BBQ extras, we love the innovation of Traeger with inbuilt versatile cooking settings. These allow you to grill, smoke, bake, roast, braise & BBQ - all of which can be controlled remotely with 'WiFIRE' connected grills that connect to your smartphone via wifi.

👉 Traeger Grills

3. Masterbuilt

Next up is Masterbuilt, who make not only grills but also smokers and outdoor friers - as well as an impressive range of accessories and fuel.

You can even treat yourself to a charcoal smoker and grill all in one, with the Masterbuilt Gravity series. These innovative and versatile charcoal grills are designed to let gravity do the work, so that all you need to do is light it, sit back and set the desired temperature on your digital control.

Masterbuilt barbecues also have some of the biggest grills capacities we've ever seen - with some models capable of cooking a whopping 7 racks of ribs, 17 chickens, 67 sausages or 45 burgers!

👉 Masterbuilt Barbecues

4. Big Green Egg

The clue is in the name when it comes to this brand, with barbecues which look like - you guessed it - big green eggs! In the BBQ world, these are known as 'kamados' - a name for traditional Japanese earthenware grills which translates to "place for the cauldron" in English.

The design of these eggs is centred around one very important aspect of barbecuing - heat retention. Big Green Egg claim that their egg-shaped grills are the best on the outdoor market for keeping high heat high, as well as being ultra durable.

The thermal efficiency of the 'eggs' means that they're a good choice for anyone who enjoys grilling year round, rather than putting the grill into storage for the winter months.

Your Big Green Egg can carry out a multitude of cooking techniques including high heat grilling, roasting, smoking and outdoor baking. Its smaller size and compact shape also make the egg a great choice for small gardens and outdoor spaces.

👉 Big Green Egg Barbecues

5. Kamado Joe

Just like Big Green Egg, Kamado Joe also make a range of - you guessed it! - Kamado style grills.

With their own experience in feeling disappointed with the grills and accessories they had purchased, the founders of Kamado Joe decided to create their own grills focused on providing next level quality and innovation.

Kamado Joe grills are designed to replicate wood oven cooking, but with controlled airflow allowing for even distribution of heat and flavour within the deep ceramic cavity.

Choose from Joe Junior, Classic Joe, Big Joe and even Kettle Joe to find the right grill for you. Then finish off with accessories such as the DōJoe and Joe-Tisserie to make the most of your versatile Kamado!

👉 Kamado Joe Grills and Accessories

Our Favourite Keto BBQ Recipes 🥩

Whether you're just unboxed your new barbecue or consider yourself to be a master of the grill, here are some of our favourite barbecue recipes & sides to serve them with - for the whole family to enjoy this summer.

🔥 BBQ chicken skewers with ranch dressing

🔥 Spicy BBQ pork ribs with smokey barbecue sauce

🔥 Grass fed beef burgers with lettuce buns

🥗 Cobb Salad with avocado oil ranch dressing

🥗 Asian cashew coleslaw

And don't forget your Low Carb, Sugar-Free and Keto friendly barbecue condiments. Our unsweetened sauces are ideal for dolloping alongside sizzling steaks, racks of ribs, barbecue burgers and smokey side dishes - with just 1g carb per serving!

🔥 Smokey barbecue sauce

🌶 Spicy chipotle ketchup

🍅 Classic tomato ketchup


Unsweetened BBQ Sauce


All information provided on our website and within our articles is simply information, opinion, anecdotal thoughts and experiences to provide you with the tools to thrive. We are in no way affiliated with or endorsed by any of the brands mentioned in this article.

It is not intended to treat or diagnose symptoms and is definitely not intended to be misconstrued for medical advice. We always advise you seek the advice of a trained professional when implementing any changes to your lifestyle and dietary habits.

We do however recommend seeking the services of a trained professional who questions the conventional wisdom to enable you to become the best version of yourself.

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