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3 of the Best Budget-Friendly Summer Outdoor Games

The sun is out, the barbecue is lit and all you need is a great summer game to keep your guests entertained until the food is ready! Let's get playful... 

Sun's out, fun's out!

We're huge believers in both getting outdoors and keeping active, and play is one of the most enjoyable and beneficial ways to do just that.

When the sun makes an appearance there's nothing better than organising some outdoor games that everyone can get involved in.

You don't need to spend a fortune on fancy sports equipment and you don't need a garden the size of a park either!

Here are some of our favourite low cost summer games which you can enjoy whatever your available budget and outdoor space.

How to choose the best summer game

When choosing the best summer game to play, there are some important decisions to be made! Let's take a look at the key considerations when choosing the best game for you, your family and friends.

  • Garden size & terrain - The most important consideration when choosing the best summer game to play outdoors is the space you have. That doesn't just mean the size, but also what's on the ground. Grass is great for games where jumping or running is involved, to keep safe and cushion any falls. However, if you don't have grass then it  just takes a little imagination to find the best summer game for you!

  • Number of players - Whether it's a family affair or a big party, there's a great summer game to be enjoyed however many players are involved. If you have a larger group of guests, consider a team game. If there are less of you, why not play in pairs and keep scores to have a tournament? When everyone has played their turn, have a final round to reign the ultimate summer game champion.
  • Difficulty - It might be all fun and games, but particularly if you have guests of differing age groups - you need to consider how difficult the game is. There's nothing better than getting kids and adults involved, so consider how you can make that happen with a universal game everyone can enjoy.


3 of the Best Free Summer Outdoor Games

Having fun in the great outdoors does not have to cost a fortune, after all play is something which our ancestors have enjoyed for thousands of years with no fancy gadgets or expensive purchases.

No matter which mod cons or new technologies come around, nothing beats an outdoor game in the sunshine for some authentic enjoyment.

Here are 3 of our favourite free summer outdoor games to enjoy this summer.

1. Rounders

Rounders is a sport which has been played in England since Tudor times! It's a bat and ball game in which the bowler bowls to the batter, who hits the ball forward across the pitch.

The batter then runs to as many posts as possible - aiming to reach each before the fielder can return the ball to the post they're heading for. If the batter reaches the second of third post, the batting team scores half a rounder - if the batter reaches the fourth post, the batting team scores a full rounder.

This is one for the bigger garden get togethers, with a minimum of 6 team members (and a maximum of 15) per side. Rounders is also perfect for including both the adults and the children, who can be positioned evenly throughout the pitch to keep things fair!

All you need is a bat and ball, then anything you have to hand for four makeshift markers. You can use garden ornaments, plant pots or anything that can be seen from afar. Once your pitch is set up, make sure everyone knows the rules and then let's play ball!

Rounders is fast-paced and competitive, so you'll break a sweat and get that heart rate going for a healthy hit of physical activity. It's super fun and competitive too.

2. Swing Ball

Adults, get ready to meet your inner child! Once you start with swing ball you're going to find it very hard to stop.

This super simple, low difficulty game needs just a small space - but with maximum enjoyment on the cards. Perfect for smaller groups or to take turns in pairs, keep score and bat it out until you make it to the ultimate champions final!

It involves two players hitting a tennis ball tethered to a pole back and forth, with the string creating a swinging effect between the two competitors. Flat plastic rackets are used and the first serve determines the direction of play until the next serve.

There are many variations of swing ball and lots of different rules and penalties. However, you can keep things simple by playing one bat per turn, until one player succeeds in wrapping the ball around the pole completely - so that the other payer cannot hit it back.

Swing ball sets are very affordable and widely available throughout the summer. You can also make your own for a fun DIY project and to save some cash. All you need is a tennis ball, some string and a pole with a weighted bottom. You can easily make this by filling an old tyre with some sand or cement, then attaching your tethered ball.

3. Table Tennis and Badminton

You can't beat a good table tennis or badminton tournament. Just like regular tennis, you can choose to play singles or doubles - with one or two players on each team.

Also known as ping pong, table tennis (as you might have guessed) is similar to tennis, only played on a table rather than a court. Bats are used to hit a small, lightweight ball back and forth into your opponent's side of the table. The ball cannot bounce twice or land on your side of the court - or you lose a point!

If you haven't got a table tennis set (or can't create a makeshift one), then badminton is a great alternative - using the garden as your court. If you have a net then great, but don't worry if not - you can create your own boundary by laying pretty much anything on the floor.Use a racket to hit a shuttlecock back and forth, and keep score.

For a large group of guests of different ages, all you need to do is organise your tournament into age groups - so that it's a fair game and everyone gets a go. Then, sit back and watch for some back and forth entertainment!


Reuse, recycle and relove for the planet!

Whatever your budget, group size or garden set up - there is a budget friendly summer game for you.

Choosing a budget-friendly option doesn't just benefit your pocket, but it's a great way to lessen the impact of a throw-away society - recycling and reloving things you have at home instead of buying new.

With plastic waste and throw-away culture being huge problems for the environment, let's make this summer the first of many where there isn't a waste of toys at the end of it, only waiting to be replaced year after year. 

Instead, lets enjoy the benefits of getting both creative and active this summer - with DIY garden games you can organise at home.

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All you need now is the sun to shine! Enjoy.

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