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Hunter & Gather End of Year Wrap Up 2022!

Hey, Jeff and Amy here! We hope 2023 has gotten off to a great start for you!

January is a good time to review the previous year, looking at your goals, behaviours and lessons learnt - along with remembering some awesome memories and highlights.

Having done this at Hunter & Gather recently, we wanted to share some of our incredible highlights from the past 12 months with you.


1. Being available more widely on the High Street

We were delighted that Holland & Barrett wanted to stock our Organic MCT Oil and Extra Virgin Avocado Oil. We launched in-store in August 2022, and it’s been a roaring success since.

Now to get more of our products on their shelves in their stores!

Hunter & Gather Launches in Holland and Barrett

2. Launched healthy fats, including ‘Sunshine in a Jar' Ghee

May 2022 saw us launch our range of organic fats, including Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Coconut and Olive Oil along with our HUGELY popular Grass Fed British Ghee.

Our Organic Ghee won a Great Taste Award (amongst many other products!) and was coined as ‘Sunshine in a jar’ by one judge!

Hunter & Gather Grass Fed Ghee

3. Received £1.2m+ of Investment 

We were beyond delighted to open our first ever crowdfund and welcome hundreds of our customers, friends and family to the Hunter & Gather tribe as investors.

They now own a piece of Hunter & Gather and directly support the mission of making healthy living through real food and supplements understandable, accessible and enjoyable.

This will strengthen the ability of Hunter & Gather to challenge Big Food and redefine the products available on the shelves of shops, supermarkets and everywhere food is available over the months and years to come.

It will also enable us to stay steadfast on our core values of no refined sugar, no grains and no seed oils. 

4. Serving our European friends once again

After the mighty challenges that Brexit caused many businesses in 2021, we were finally able to serve our incredible customers in the EU once again. 

Our team worked tirelessly throughout 2021 to find a solution. 

After days, months and what was ultimately over a year of form filling, a trip to Poland and a truck being held at Rotterdam port for 14 days (!) we found the solution and are now serving customers through our retail partners and Amazon across mainland Europe and the Republic of Ireland. 

5. Our mighty team grew!

The H&G family grew to 11 incredible team members this year who will help ensure you have the very best products available throughout the year, the best customer service and incredible new products that will support your journey to optimal health and continue to challenge Big Food and the status quo!

We also welcomed an unexpected member to the H&G dog tribe, with little Beauden finding his way to Amy and I. He had been abandoned and was scrapping for life at the tender age of just 16 months old. 

He was in a very poorly state, but we provided him with an environment that prioritised optimal health including:

- A nutrient-rich raw diet of offal, bone and meat (he loves Liver & Heart Organ Supplements)

- A routine and purpose

- Love and attention 

- Community 

Within 10 weeks he was thriving! You can see for yourself his incredible transformation.


Before picture


After Image


6. Served over 115,000 customers directly + more!

In 2017, we set out on a mission to help as many people as possible have access to incredible food, supplements and educational content to support their pursuit of optimal health and wellness.

In 2022, I was blown away to learn that we had delivered orders to over 115,000 incredible customers who have taken responsibility for their health and are pursuing optimal healthy living supported by Hunter & Gather products.

This doesn’t even take into account customers who purchased their products via our many 100s of retail partners including Ocado, Whole Foods Market, Holland & Barrett, Planet Organic, Sow & Arrow + 100s of independent retailers around the UK and beyond.


A HUGE thanks for the support you have shown us. None of this would be possible without you and we look forward to having you as part of the journey ahead.

Here’s to an incredible 2023 when we continue to support your pursuit of optimal healthy living powered by real food and supplements.


In good health,
Jeff & Amy - Hunter & Gather Co-founders
Hunter & Gather Happy Dog

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