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Fun Ideas For An Easter Weekend That Avoids Sugar!


Easter weekend is a favourite for young kids and young at heart adults! But it's also synonymous with sugar overload - chocolate eggs we're looking at you! Celebrating Easter and a long weekend with the family doesn't have to revolve around confectionary and material things. Here's some great ideas for a fun, entertaining and delicious Easter weekend without the sugar overload!


Many people choose to treat themselves and abandon their usual healthy lifestyle on special occasions. But looking across the year it's easy to see how these occasions - birthdays, weddings, Christmas, Easter, pancake day, anniversaries... can all add up and accumulate!

We advocate a lifestyle that is free from refined sugar as it is quite simply really bad for overall health and wellbeing. Swerving refined sugars is just a case of finding real food alternatives which align with the rest of your healthy lifestyle and make you feel great rather than on a sugar rollercoaster. If you really must eat refined sugars, just make sure it is for a truly memorable experience!

You can learn more about why we choose to avoid sugar in these two articles below:

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Making your own Easter treats is a great way to get the kids interested in cooking with some tasty and healthy treats at the end of it without the sugar overload! We've handpicked some of our favourite recipes which utilise Easter ingredients such as eggs and the Easter bunny's favourite - carrots!

Remember, always opt for free range or Organic eggs - and why not treat yourself to some glorious carrots with tops on to impress the kids? You could even hide them in the garden and get the kids to harvest them!



Carrot, Coconut & Collagen Powder Smoothie 🥕


Dippy Eggs with Asparagus Tips and Truffled Mayo 🥚


Caramelised Onion Frittata 🍳

Easter Treats

Chocolate & Raspberry Cheesecake Marble Brownies 🍫

Chocolate Cookie Dough Bars 🍪

Cookie dough bars

Tip: You can use the Easter-themed ingredients in an Egg Hunt instead of sugary easter eggs. Why not hide some painted real eggs and carrots with their tops on for the kids to find. This is bound to engage their interest in cooking and will help them to work up a healthy appetite!


You don't have to spend a fortune or your entire weekend organising Easter fun - there are loads of simple games you can arrange using things you have lying around the house. What's more, organising some Easter games is a great way to stay active and burn off any extra holiday energy! Organise a marathon games day or pick your favourite activities from below for some wholesome entertainment. Here's some fun ideas that you can enjoy this Easter weekend.

Easter Egg Hunt 🥚

Organising an Easter Egg Hunt is a great way to get the kids exploring outdoors. Instead of using chocolate Easter eggs you can use chicken eggs (or duck eggs which are slightly bigger) and hide them in piles of hay or grass. You could also wrap some of the tasty treats we mentioned earlier (recipes ☝️) and award them as prizes for whoever hunts out the most eggs!

Egg and Spoon Race 🥄

An oldie but a classic! All you need is an egg, a spoon and a competitive spirit! If you have older children, make the race even harder with some added challenges like a limbo bar or a chalk-drawn obstacle course. Oh, and if you suspect someone isn't up to the challenge, don't forget to boil your eggs first!

Sack Race 🏆

Good old fashioned fun that requires a surprising amount of stamina and coordination! If you haven't got great big hessian sacks lying around (let's face it, who has?) then you can use some old pillow cases for the little racers or rubbish bags for the big kids! 

Tip: Easter games aren't just for the little ones in your life, us adults need play too and can use play to make exercise enjoyable and maximise our movement.  Join in with the games above for some sprinting, strength training, climbing and agility - all disguised as Easter activities! For more inspiration to make movement fun again check out the article below!

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Arts and crafts are a great way to tempt your kids away from their screens and devices, especially when the weather isn't so good and you can't venture out for some fun. Here's a few idea to bring an Easter theme to your arty creations!

Pin the Tail on the Bunny! 🐰

Challenge the kids to create or colour in a large bunny template and then makeshift some pompom bunny 'tails' with cotton wool or fabric. Use some old neck ties or scarves for blindfolds and turn it into a game by sticking the bunny to the wall and seeing who can pin the tail on the bunny blindfolded!

Recycle Your Old Bottles & Jars ♻️

Get the family's imagination going with some crafty upcycling. Your empty Hunter & Gather glass bottles and jars are the perfect base for some creative Easter crafts. You can turn them into potted plants, money banks, candle holders or even have an Easter bunny making competition using the jar as your bunny body! Check out our article below for some upcycling inspiration for used bottles and jars:

👉 Recycling Your Used Hunter & Gather Bottles and Jars

Egg Decoration 🎨

Carefully paint eggs with silly faces and funny expressions - then use them in your recipes and watch how much fun the kids have cracking them! Be sure to use child-safe paints and dyes and to discard any eggs which egg-cidentally end up cracked!

Tip: Instead of buying disposable Easter games from the supermarkets, try making your own with items you already have. Most of the games we know and love can be made DIY style with paper and pens - it's a great way to encourage some creative learning too.

Easter egg painting healthy easter fun hunter and gather

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We do however recommend seeking the services of a trained professional who questions the conventional wisdom to enable you to become the best version of yourself.

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