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What is Histamine Intolerance?

February 21, 2020

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What is histamine intolerance and how do you know if you are histamine Intolerant? We have a wonderful guest blog from Tony Wrighton, who will shed some light on what histamine is and how you can quickly check if you could be histamine intolerant with a 1-minute quiz. We hope you enjoy. 
Guest blog from Tony Wrighton:
HI there, I’m Tony, Sky Sports presenter, health podcaster, and histamine intolerant. (That’s not how I always introduce myself in person, by the way).Thanks to Hunter and Gather for letting me barge in amongst the Avocado Mayo, Organ Support supplements (love ‘em!) and other awesome products, to write a guest post about Histamine Intolerance.

“Eh? What’s that”, I hear you cry. Well up to 15% of the population suffer from it, including me, and trust me, when you start to figure this out and tweak your diet, you might notice an amazing uplift in energy and vitality.
Histamine intolerance is when you create too much histamine in your body, and it sends things haywire. Not a technical term I grant you, but it’ll do. The symptoms vary from one individual to the other. If you are lacking in energy, have gut problems or bloating, skin issues, neuro problems or the doc can’t find anything wrong with you, maybe you have histamine intolerance.
There are some tests for Histamine Intolerance, however none are regarded as particularly accurate as the levels of histamine in your body fluctuate all the time - with different foods, at different times of the day and so on. Thankfully, there is one way you can find out quickly if you are suffering from Histamine Intolerance. You can take the one-minute test I’ve put together here, which will help you work it out. I think it’s as good as any fancy test…
If you come up as potentially histamine-intolerant, you can always cut out certain foods for three days, and then if you feel loads better, you’ll know for certain. Remember though you can reintroduce these foods later once you’ve got the histamine under control. And see how you go. If you want to really ramp up this test, you could even take a supplement to help reduce your histamine levels at the same time, like Quercetin.
As always, check with your practitioner before starting any new diet or supplement regime. And let me know how you get on. 
Finally, thanks to the good Hunter and Gather people for their brilliant Organ Support supplements, which are definitely histamine friendly and I love them.
Hunter & Gather Organ Supplements

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