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Innovative 'Better for you' Product of the Year

We only went and won!

We entered our Avocado Oil Mayonnaise into the inaugural Food Matters Live 2017 awards with the hope of increasing some awareness for our brand and products as we were due to exhibit at the event based at London ExCel on 21-23 November. Food Matters Live was an exhibition that we aimed for long before our launch. We knew if we had something in the dairy, it would force as to launch our products! 

The Awards

These outstanding awards recognise the creativity and inventiveness of industry to produce products and ingredients that meet the ever-changing demands and palates of health conscious and trend-hungry consumers. Entrants included enterprising food and drink start-ups, challenger brands and high street names – all eager to gain recognition for their success in innovative product development, groundbreaking science and technology, sustainability initiatives, or for packaging design and consumer marketing strategies.

Even though we believe 100% in our products, we never imagine that our Avocado oil Mayonnaise would WIN the award for most Innovative 'Better for you' Product of the Year! We were up against some very well known brands and established products, so to secure this award after only launching our product 4 weeks earlier was quite overwhelming. To be voted as the winner in this category by 30 leading industry experts feels so good! The actual award itself represents the human taste bud and is truly beautiful.

Better for you food award 2017

You can check out highlights of the awards ceremony here and read a little more about the Food Matters Live awards here.

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