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BRAND NEW - Hunter & Gather Launch Organ Nutritional Support Capsules

Hunter & Gather launch an organ nutritional supplement range from wild roaming, grass-fed, Icelandic lamb organs to champion nose to trail principles and to help support optimal health and wellness. 

The product range is made up of 3 versions, a pure liver, pure kidney and a heart and liver blend with wild, hand-picked, organic herbs. 

All of the products stick to the Hunter & Gather values of no sugar, grains and inflammatory oils added. They are Keto, Paleo, Carnivore and Low Carb friendly. 

There are no chemicals, antibiotics or hormones used and the lambs are grass-fed and wild roaming. 



It wasn't long ago that the nose-to-tail tradition was standard practice amongst us humans - the wealth of nutrients alone within many of the organs and offal of animals is very impressive and it was just common sense to utilise every part of an animal with the organs and offal being highly prized!

 Along with highly processed food-like products that contain sugar, grains and inflammatory oils that are ubiquitous in our supermarkets and shops, we also see them packed to the rafters with a very limited selection of options when it comes to meat and animal products. Most seem to be without the bones, skins and more and more are lean or fat-free - only if you’re very lucky will you find any kind of offal or organ meat!


Organs and offal are nutritional powerhouses, prized by our ancestors, and many of us are not utilising them in our modern, over-processed and disconnected diets – crazy huh?! Many years before modern nutritional science came along to support the theory, our Hunter-Gatherer ancestors knew the importance of eating nose-to-tail for optimal health and wellbeing.

benefits of eating lambs liver

Chris Masterjohn PhD wrote for Weston A. Price in 2013 - "We should emphasise a wide variety of nutrient-dense foods, including not only meat, but also many animal foods banished from our modern menus, especially bones (usually as bone broth), skin, and organs. Such a diet is the surest way to obtain the robust and vibrant mental health of our ancestors".



Our wise ancestors intuitively adopted the ‘like-supports-like’ philosophy of eating the organs and offal from a healthy animal to support strength, vitality and optimal wellness for the corresponding organ within themselves.

For example, Heart to support a strong heart and Liver for optimal liver function – simply put, these parts of animals were highly regarded and sought after for their nutrient density.

 We do however understand that eating organ meat and offal every day is not everyone’s cup of tea or simply not possible in many cases…

Whether you are having trouble finding a butcher that sources wild roaming, grass fed and finished animals that you can trust, or you simply do not like the taste (yet) or you want a convenient and consistent way of getting the nutritional bang for your buck, our organ support supplements provide you with all of the nutritional goodness in an easy to take capsule.


You can buy Hunter & Gather Organ Nutritional Support Capsules from Amazon and the Hunter & Gather website here

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