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A Brand New Look On Our Birthday - Read Me!

You may have noticed something a little bit different about our website since your last visit? We have Evolved!

October 2020 marks 3 years since Hunter & Gather began, when we had just 2 innovative products (Our Cold-Pressed Extra-Virgin Avocado Oil & Classic Avocado Oil Mayonnaise)! We had a very avocado centric design (which made sense then).  

As time has gone on, we have collated your feedback (thank you), deliberated on how we can improve and added lot's more products. The previous design just did not work for us as a growing company, with lot's more products to launch!

That's why we felt it was time we evolved to start our 4th year off with a bang! 


Hunter & Gather Full Range


What's Changed?

  1. We have a brand new look⁠ (logo & packaging across all products)⁠
  2. We have a brand new website (with easy to use subscription builder & awesome Learn Section!)⁠
  3. New Products - Range of unsweetened sauces & a Wild Caught Marine Collagen. 


What's the Same?⁠

  1. Amy & Jeff at the helm, always bringing exciting innovations, education and content to help you thrive. 
  2. Our values and promise to ALWAYS be sugar free, grain free and inflammatory seed / veg oil free⁠
  3. Quality recipes - our classic mayo still has 4 real food Ingredients & 100% avocado oil!⁠
  4. Exactly the same great taste and quality⁠
  5. Our promise to provide you with the tools you need to thrive, be it through our products, sharing real food recipes, educational resources etc⁠

What Key Information do I need to know?


When will the Old Packaging Design be phased out?

We are gradually phasing your orders into the new design (this could take a couple of weeks), so don't be alarmed if your order is on our "old" packaging design or a mix of old and new. This is so that we can avoid wasting any labels, products, pouches or leaflets.


Will my subscription be impacted?

If you are on subscription already then this should not be impacted, other than that you will see our wonderful new portal, making it easier for you to edit, change, pause, cancel your orders at the touch of a button. Do get in touch if you have any questions about your subscription though. 


Are you still doing reward points?

We have an improved Loyalty Rewards called "Thrive Rewards" which will replace our "Real Fooders" where you can easily redeem your points on the website. As well as earn more points for being a subscribe and save shopper.  

We will be switching your current "Real Fooder points" you have earned over to the new "Thrive Rewards" - so don't worry you won't miss out. 


We hope that you love the changes and new products as much as we do and here is a cheer for starting another year in the pursuit of Optimal Health. ⁠




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