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Liver Capsules - 100% Grass Fed & Finished

Freeze Dried Grass Fed Raw Supplement
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Packed with nutrition without compromise.

Grass-fed Liver is considered one of the most nutrient-dense foods that exist in nature with it being an excellent, bioavailable source of several micronutrients lacking in many of our modern lifestyles – this truly is nature's original superfood.

From our nose-to-tail range, Hunter & Gather Liver Capsules are sourced from Wild Roaming, Grass-Fed and Finished Icelandic Lamb Liver, putting back in what our modern western diets leave out. 

Gluten free


Grass Fed Lamb

Laboratory Tested

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Key Details

  • Freeze-dried and packed in the UK from 100% Grass-Fed & Finished Icelandic lamb
  • Gluten, Dairy & Sugar-Free
  • Packed with highly bioavailable Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, Riboflavin and Copper
  • Contains several other vitamins & minerals in synergistic amounts including Niacin, Zinc, Selenium, Iron, Phosphorus and Manganese
  • Can contribute to optimal liver health
  • Assists optimal Methylation function
  • Innovatively Raw & Freeze Dried preserving nutrient density (no heat involved!)
    Lab-tested and verified free of pathogens
  • Always Un-Defatted for optimal absorption of fat-soluble vitamins
  • 100% Grass-Fed and Finished Wild Roaming Icelandic Lamb
  • Absolutely No GMO Feeds, Antibiotics or Hormones
  • Always Free From Sugar, Grain & Seed/Veg Oil
  • Gelatin Capsules - no synthetic capsules
  • No fillers or flow agents such as Magnesium Stearate or Titanium Dioxide
Our Liver supplement is for those who want targeted support from a real, whole food organ supplement for optimal liver function along with optimised health and methylation cycle without any compromise.


    Freeze Dried Lamb Liver, Gelatin Capsule.

    Pack size

    90 capsules.

    Recommended dose

    2-6 capsules daily or as directed by your healthcare practitioner / certified medical practitioner.

    The most asked questions!

    Answers to some of the most asked questions that we think you will find useful 🙌🏼

    I've got more questions!

    How do I take the Hunter & Gather organ capsules?

    We recommend taking 2-6 capsules per day (you can spread this out if you choose too).

    This can be before, with or after a meal. 

    We advise taking the capsules with water or another drink of choice. 

    What should I do if I cannot swallow capsules?

    You can simply open the capsules and mix the contents in a smoothie or in your food such as a bolognese.

    Are freeze-dried organs safe to eat?

    Yes! When animals are very healthy, grass-fed & finished, and live a free-roaming life as nature intended, the health of the animals is superior to that of factory-farmed animals.

    What’s more, every batch of our organ capsules are lab tested to ensure that they are free from pathogens and safe for us humans to eat.

    How do you make your organ capsules?

    Using the finest organs from free-roaming, grass-fed, and finished Icelandic lamb, the organs are dressed, sliced, and then freeze-dried here in the UK where they are then milled into a powder. This powder is then filled into gelatin capsules.

    It’s as simple as that and we never use any fillers, binders, flow agents, or additives.

    What is Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10)?

    Coenzyme Q10 or otherwise known as CoQ10 naturally occurs in the heart organ meat. Heart is the richest source of CoQ10 and it is believed to support blood pressure, heart health and mitochondria in your cells.

    Why are there no longer herbs in this product?

    After feedback from several customers, we decided to remove the very costly herbs so we could increase the nutritional value of these capsules whilst allowing us to reduce the cost to our customers.

    What does synergistic mean?

    Vitamins, minerals, and nutrients often work in tandem with each other yet the vitamin and nutrition industries like to talk about them in isolation. 

    This can lead to significant deficiencies in certain types or the good intentions of supplementation being useless.

    Whole food, nose-to-tail nutrition such as offal and organ meat contain these nutrients as nature intended.

    Some synergistic vitamins/minerals combinations you might have heard of include;

    • Copper & Zinc
    • B12 & Folate
    • Vitamin D & K
    • Magnesium, Sodium, and Potassium

    Statutory Disclaimer

    As is mandated by current legislation, we are required to state that the above information has not been evaluated or endorsed by the FSA/FDA and that supplements are not designed to treat, cure or diagnose health conditions. You are advised to speak with a licensed/certified health practitioner prior to making lifestyle changes - it is however advised to find one that does question perceived conventional wisdom 🙌🏼