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  • Kidney Raw Organ Supplements 180 capsules
  • Histamine


    Grass Fed

    Icelandic lamb



  • Raw Icelandic Lamb Kidney Capsule Infographic
  • Raw Icelandic Lamb Kidney Capsule Lifestyle Shot
  • Raw Icelandic Lamb Kidney Capsule Lifestyle Shot with water
Kidney Raw Organ Supplements 180 capsules



Grass Fed

Icelandic lamb



Raw Icelandic Lamb Kidney Capsule Infographic
Raw Icelandic Lamb Kidney Capsule Lifestyle Shot
Raw Icelandic Lamb Kidney Capsule Lifestyle Shot with water


Natural Histamine Support

100% Pure & Freeze Dried Wild Roaming Lamb Kidney Organs. No antibiotics, GMO feeds, Cereal feeds or hormones. 

  • Pure Lamb Kidney
  • No Antibiotics, Hormones or GMOs
  • No Bulkers or Fillers
  • 90 or 180 Gelatin Capsules
  • Gluten Free, Carnivore & Dairy Free
  • Grass Fed & Wild Roaming Lamb
Ingredients & Nutritional Label


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Real results using Kidney Capsules

  • Isabelle Schreuder

    "A natural antihistamine, life saver in hay fever season!"

    Isabelle Schreuder Certified Health Coach
  • Kev Mason

    "These capsules are perfect for my busy lifestyle"

    Kev Mason Ketogenic Health Coach

How we make our Kidney Capsules

  • Source

    Free roaming grass fed lamb which are free from antibiotics, GMO feeds or hormones. 

  • Produce

    Freeze dry the organs to lock in the goodness of the liver & heart.

  • Capsule

    Gelatin capsule & 100% raw, freeze dried kidney, no bulkers or fillers in sight.

  • Pack

    Packaged in an air tight, sealed, recyclable container for freshness.

Kidney Capsules Showdown

KIDNEY Capsules - 100% Grass Fed Lamb Kidney Our Kidney Capsules
The Other Guys product The Other Guys
Sugar Free
No Bulkers or Fillers
No Anti-Caking Agents
Often not
Quality Control
Third-party tested
Grass Fed & Wild Roaming
Often not
Top-tier, educational
No Silica
Often not

Lab tested for purity

Only real ingredients

No unnecessary fillers, bulkers or chemical preservatives! Other brands are not the same.

KIDNEY Capsules - 100% Grass Fed Lamb Kidney Ingredients

Freeze Dried Lamb Kidney, Gelatin Capsule

Support Your Histamine Levels with Lamb Kidney

Why take Kidney?

Many of us are lacking in bioavailable vitamins & minerals due to our limited nose to tail eating. Synthetic vitamins & minerals are packed with unnecessary ingredients, bulkers & fillers. Kidney contains DAO & Vit B12 in a highly bioavailable natural form. Perfect for those with histamine intolerance, running nose (after eating cheese or wine), MTHFR genetic Snp or Low DAO levels.  

No Prep, No Taste

As simply as taking 6 capsules per day, you get all the benefits of eating grass fed, high quality organs without the prep, taste or sourcing needed. We freeze dry & lock in all the benefits of the organs within a handy to take capsule. 


We only use reusable metal tins for our organ supplement range & 100% plastic free packaging for sending your orders too. Our organ supplements are made from wild roaming Icelandic lamb, supporting regenerative agriculture on the mountainsides. By utilising organ supplements we are helping to ensure all of the animal is utilised from nose to tail as well as supporting our optimal health. 

Hi, we are Amy and Jeff, co-founders of Hunter & Gather, an ancestrally inspired lifestyle brand.

Poor mental health and chronic illness such as obesity, cancer, diabetes and heart disease continue to impact us all. Yet it doesn't have to be this way...


We are improving the lives of thousands of people with our commitment to create a diverse range of products & education — all designed with your health first.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Kidney is a great source of DAO which is key in supporting histamine intolerance symptoms. DAO (Diamine Oxidase) is an enzyme involved in the metabolism, oxidation, and inactivation of histamine and other polyamines.

Kidney also contains Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C and Iron, all which help support DAO function.   

The bottles are Rpet, which is 100% recyclable and also made 100% from recycled material.

Not only are our new organ capsule bottles 100% recyclable they are also made from 100% recycled material too. The bottles are a recyclable rating of 1 and widely recyclable from your normal curbside recycling.

Our lids are also recyclable and are made from steel. Please note that the heat seal label is not recyclable and we recommend throwing this into normal rubbish collection.

Our bottles for our organ supplements do not contain Bisphenol A (BPA).

Yes, The bottles have been tested according to regulation EU 10/2011 and meet requirements for food safety and migration.

We recommend taking 6 capsules per day (you can spread this out if you choose too).

This can be before, with or after a meal at any point in the day that suits you best.

We advise taking the capsules with water or another drink of choice. 

If you are new to taking organ capsules, you can start with 2 capsules per day and gradually increase.

6 capsules is 3g of freeze dried organs per serve, which is the equivalent of 30g of raw organs.

The capsules that we use are a standard 0 size capsule. If you struggle with taking capsules, you can simply open the capsules and mix the contents into a smoothie or in your food such as a stew.

Yes! When animals are very healthy, grass-fed & finished, and live a free-roaming life as nature intended, the health of the animals is superior to that of factory-farmed animals.

What’s more, every batch of our organ capsules are lab tested to ensure that they are free from pathogens, heavy metals and safe for us humans to eat.

Using the finest organs from free-roaming, grass-fed, and finished Icelandic lamb, the organs are dressed, sliced, and then freeze-dried here in the UK where they are then milled into a powder. This powder is then filled into a pure gelatin capsule. We do not use Hypromellose capsules.

It’s as simple as that and we never use any fillers, binders, flow agents, or additives.

Vitamins, minerals, and nutrients often work in tandem with each other, yet the vitamin and nutrition industries like to talk about them in isolation.

This can lead to significant deficiencies in certain types or the good intentions of supplementation being useless.

Whole food, nose-to-tail nutrition such as offal and organ meat contain these nutrients as nature intended.

Some synergistic vitamins/minerals combinations you might have heard of include;

  1. Copper & Zinc
  2. B12 & Folate
  3. Vitamin D & K
  4. Magnesium, Sodium, and Potassium

As is mandated by current legislation, we are required to state that the above information has not been evaluated or endorsed by the FSA/FDA and that supplements are not designed to treat, cure or diagnose health conditions. You are advised to speak with a licensed/certified health practitioner prior to making lifestyle changes - it is however advised to find one that does question perceived conventional wisdom 🙌🏼