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Easy Squeezy! Meet Our New & Improved Award Winning Unsweetened Sauces

More sauce, less waste, great taste - meet our new & improved Unsweetened and Great Taste award winning sauces!

Great taste that doesn't compromise your health, it's easy squeezy.

You asked, we delivered! We are always striving to create new and improved products you can use daily to support optimal health.

Our Unsweetened Sauces have been amazingly received and we have so many customers who have swapped out less healthy sauces for our clean and natural store cupboard staples.

This got us thinking - how could we take the sauces to the next level? Is there anything we could improve to reach condiment perfection?

The answer was yes! So, here is everything you need to know about our new and improved Unsweetened Squeezy Sauces.

1. Hey there hot stuff! Welcome to the tribe Sriracha Hot Sauce 🌶

We are so excited to finally announce the launch of one of our most requested products ever - Unsweetened Sriracha Hot Sauce!

Like the rest of the tribe, our brand new Sriracha Hot Sauce is also free from added sugar, seed oils, sweeteners and gluten.

Made with all natural ingredients, it has 95% less sugar compared with a market leading sweet chilli sauce 👀

It's great for adding a fiery kick to dishes made with real food ingredients. We love adding a generous squeeze to these recipes.

🔥 Salmon nourish bowl

🔥 Chicken fajita traybake

🔥 Grass fed beef burger

Our Sriracha Hot Sauce comes complete with an easy squeezy recyclable bottle and new twist top cap - just waiting to be squeezed onto your dinner plate!

Sriracha Hot Sauce

2. Same award winning taste, now with more sauce for your buck 💸

Our recipe improvements still have top quality ingredients, but with an even better consistency for a smoother sauce and the perfect squeeze!

When it comes to award winning taste, bigger is always better. So, our squeezy bottles provide 350g of your favourite sauces.

We love the fact that our bigger bottles are family friendly - so you don't need to hide them from anyone at the back of the fridge or cupboard!

Not only do our bigger bottles last longer with more servings than ever - they're also more cost effective.

With a cheaper cost per serving, there really is no excuse not to ditch the sugar laden sauces the big brands provide. 

Unsweetened Sauces All Four Flavours With Bowl

4. 100% Delicious, 100% Recyclable ♻️

We made the decision to move from glass bottles to new squeezy bottles for all of our Unsweetened Sauces.

Our glass bottles were far heavier and more fragile than the recyclable squeezy option and swapping from glass to plastic means that our shipments are now much lighter and less susceptible to breakages. 

This reduces our carbon footprint and environmental impact drastically - and our squeezy bottles are still 100% recyclable 🎉

Pouring your sauce the easy squeezy way also means less waste - no more accidental overspill or struggling to scrape out sauce left at the end of the bottle.

5. A Whopping 72% less sugar than the leading brand 👏

Last but not least, all of our sauces remain free from refined sugars and are naturally much lower in sugar compared to other brands.

In fact - that would be 72% lower in sugar compared with the leading brand, to be precise and a whopping 95% less sugar than a sweet chilli sauce if you swap to our unsweetened Sriracha!

We believe that minimising your intake of sugar is one of the most protective dietary changes you can make to look after your health.

Leading supermarket brand sauces also come hand in hand with added rubbish such as seed & veg oils, grains & gluten, sweeteners, chemical preservatives and artificial ingredients.

Swapping out your store cupboard staples for our cleaner condiments is a simple and easy swap to reduce your sugar intake and swerve these hidden nasties.

The Tastiest Line Up in Town 👇

🌱 100% Natural ingredients

🙌  Up to 95% Less sugar than the big food brands

👌 Less than 1.1g carbohydrate per serve

🇬🇧 Made in the UK

👏 Keto, Paleo, Low Carb & Plant Based

🏆 Great Taste Award winning

 Unsweetened Sriracha Hot Sauce 350g Infographic

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