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Our First Year - Newcomer Awards Winner

We celebrated our first full year of Hunter & Gather last week and by gosh did we have a great way to celebrate. We were awarded the Newcomer of the year category for 2018 at the Speciality Food Magazine awards


With an amazing line up of judges and stiff competition, we were over the moon to receive this award, especially on the anniversary of our first year.


We stood proud, explaining why we believe we are great ambassadors through the hard work and determination we have shown this year.


It is not easy bringing a new and innovative product to market, let alone encouraging others to be the best versions of yourselves and living and breathing our values every day.


But we are so determined that we can encourage people to improve their health and wellbeing through their lifestyle, starting with their diet, then focusing on movement, sleep and rest and relaxation away from screens that we have accomplished so much in just 12 months.


Here’s a quick recap of our year



And to close the year off – a winner of a wonderful glass trophy for Newcomer of the year 2018!!


What an amazing first year! Thanks so much for following our journey, we just cannot wait to see what year 2 holds for us!!

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