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Hunter & Gather is now a Certified B Corp

It's official - we are so proud to share with you all that Hunter & Gather is now a Certified B Corp! 🎉

What is a B-Corp?

You may have heard lots of discussion about B Corp as well as brands you know and love announcing that they are officially a certified B Corp - but what does it mean exactly?

B Lab are a nonprofit network founded to transform the global economy to benefit all people, communities and the environment.

They recognise that humanity is interdependent with one another and with the planet - and so the B Corp movement was born to help businesses meet standards for better business.

B Corp certification measures a company's entire social and environmental impact, with the ultimate aim of making business a force of good.


Our Hunter & Gather Impact Score

Certified B Corporations, or B Corps for short, are officially recognised as having high standards of environmental and social performance, transparency and accountability.

During the B Corp assessment every aspect of the business is examined - taking a deep dive into every practice, process and policy.

Individual scores are given to the categories of Governance, Workers, Community, Environment and Customers - leaving no stone unturned!

Only businesses scoring 80 points or more will achieve certification - so we are over the moon to have received a whopping 93.4 points for our impact score 🎉

Here are some of the key details which allowed us to achieve such a high score and sail the assessment!


1. Ingredient Quality & Sourcing

As a business in the food industry, the quality of our ingredients and where they are sourced from has a huge effect on our B Corp impact score.

Whilst some people may believe that animal-based goods are harmful to people and the planet, we passionately believe that regeneratively reared animal foods can and do contribute positively to healthy ecosystems and biodiversity. That is when they are produced  with health, ethics and sustainability at the forefront..

This is something which we champion throughout our supply chain. We take great pride in sourcing Grass Fed cattle, Wild Caught fish and certified Organic ingredients (when it's best for people and planet).

We also source as many of our ingredients as we can locally and we make all of our condiments right here in the UK, which aligns with the B Corp environmental standards.

Finally, our products are third-party tested by independent labs to actively reduce and eliminate toxins, adding value to local ecosystems and reassurance to our customers.

Hunter & Gather Ingredients and Sourcing

2. Packaging, Recycling & Sustainability

We also scored highly in the categories of environment and community, which have always been at the heart of everything we do - right from day one.

Here are just a few reasons why we scored so highly in these categories too.

  • All our packaging is made in the EU
  • We use glass jars and bottles with paper labels
  • The pouches we use are 100% recyclable
  • We pack all of our customer orders in cardboard boxes with recyclable packing paper
  • We purchase ingredients that would otherwise be wasted from export trade and we love that we can use something that would go to waste (Avocados are often discarded for being wonky or discoloured, when it has no impact to the quality of the fruit inside, which we use to make oil). 
  • Our oil is pressed in country so that as little room as possible is required for transport - we then bottle the oil in the UK and this helps reduce carbon emissions rather than transporting glass bottles

Hunter & Gather Sustainable Packaging 

3. A Happy, Healthy Team & Positive Work Culture

A huge part of the B Corp assessment is workers and we are super happy to say that we scored extremely highly in this category too.

The Hunter & Gather team is what makes everything else possible. So, looking after each and every team member is super important and is considered in all that we do.

Our workers enjoy a high welfare working environment made possible by:

  • Accreditation by the Living Wage Foundation
  • Private healthcare
  • Enterprise Management Incentives (EMI)
  • Regular Personal Development Plans
  • Access to H&G financial reports, insights and business plans

These are just some of the factors which enabled us to achieve a score which recognises a well looked after workforce and nurturing working environment.

We are so proud to have achieved a rocketing score of 33.5 in this category - compared with an average of 19.2 for the country and just 16.0 for our sector - which is less than half of our score. 

 Hunter & Gather Team

4. Customers & Community

Promoting optimal health and providing the tools needed to thrive is at the heart of every product we manufacture.

A healthier life starts with real food. That’s why we only use the very best quality ingredients in all that we do. On the flip side, eating refined sugars, grains & seed oils is not optimal for health. That’s why everything we make will never contain them - that’s our promise!

For our customers, finding genuinely healthy choices can be a challenge. From kitchen staples to daily health optimising supplements - we have them covered!

We use our platform as a force for good - from the products we make, to the educational content we produce and excellent customer service we provide.

Customers and human health are at the epicentre of our core values and mission, so we are delighted to have scored so highly in the category of customers also.


We hope that you can join us in celebrating this massive achievement!

We have been awarded an amazing score of 93.4 compared with the UK average of 82.4 - and way ahead of the minimum requirement to obtain B Corp Certification.

This is just the start for us and we will continue to excel in every aspect of our operations - to ensure that Hunter & Gather is truly a force for good.

Thank you so much for your ongoing support as this wouldn't not be possible without YOU - our fabulous customers!

- Amy & Jeff 🧡

Amy & Jeff


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