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Liver - Supplements x 90 Capsules



Raw Freeze-Dried 100% Lamb Liver

Liver is considered one of the most nutrient-dense foods that exist in nature with it being an excellent, bioavailable source of several micronutrients lacking in many of our modern lifestyles – this truly is the superfood of the animal kingdom!*

Sourced from Wild Roaming, Grass-Fed and Finished Icelandic Lamb Liver, it puts back what our modern diets leave out.

Key Details

  • Packed with highly bioavailable Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, Riboflavin and Copper
  • Can contribute to optimal liver health and methylation function 
  • Innovatively Raw & Freeze Dried preserving nutrient density (no heat involved!)
  • Always Un-Defatted for optimal absorption of fat-soluble vitamins
  • 100% Grass-Fed and Finished Wild Roaming Icelandic Lamb
  • Absolutely No GMO Feeds, Antibiotics or Hormones
  • Always Free From Sugar, Grain & Seed/Veg Oil
  • Gelatin Capsules - no synthetic capsules
  • No fillers or flow agents such as Magnesium Stearate or Titanium Dioxide
  • Freeze-dried and packed in the UK from 100% Grass-Fed Icelandic lamb 

"Our Liver supplement is for those who want targetted support from a real, whole food organ supplement for optimal liver function along with optimised health and methylation cycle... without any compromise"


Freeze Dried Lamb Liver, Gelatin Capsule 
Each capsule contains 100% Lamb Liver (absolutely nothing else added) with an abundance of extremely high-quality essential nutrients, as intended by nature, that are highly bioavailable and readily utilised and recognised by our bodies to support optimal health and wellbeing - no synthetic powders here!

Pack Size
90 capsules 

Recommended Dose

2 capsules daily or as directed by your healthcare practioner / certified medical practitioner


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It wasn't long ago that the nose-to-tail tradition was standard practice amongst us humans - the wealth of nutrients alone within many of the organs and offal of animals is very impressive and it was just common sense to utilise every part of an animal with the organs and offal being highly prized!


Along with highly processed food like products that contain sugar, grains and inflammatory oils that are ubiquitous in our  supermarkets and shops, we also see them packed to the rafters with a very limited selection of options when it comes to meat and animal products. Most seem to be without the bones, skins and more and more are lean or fat free - only if you’re very lucky will you find any kind of offal or organ meat!


Organs and offal are nutritional powerhouses, prized by our ancestors, and many of us are not utilising them in our modern, over processed and disconnected diets – crazy huh?! Many years before modern nutritional science came along to support the theory, our Hunter-Gatherer ancestors knew the importance of eating nose-to-tail for optimal health and wellbeing.


Chris Masterjohn PhD wrote for Weston A. Price in 2013 - "We should emphasise a wide variety of nutrient-dense foods, including not only meat, but also many animal foods banished from our modern menus, especially bones (usually as bone broth), skin, and organs. Such a diet is the surest way to obtain the robust and vibrant mental health of our ancestors".


Our wise ancestors intuitively adopted the ‘like-supports-like’ philosophy of eating the organs and offal from a healthy animal to support strength, vitality and optimal wellness for the corresponding organ within themselves.

For example, Heart to support a strong heart and Liver for optimal liver function – simply put, these parts of animals were highly regarded and sought after for their nutrient density.


We do however understand that eating organ meat and offal every day is not everyone’s cup of tea or simply not possible in many cases…

Whether you are having trouble finding a butcher that sources wild roaming, grass fed and finished animals that you can trust, or you simply do not like the taste (yet) or you want a convenient and consistent way of getting the nutritional bang for your buck, our organ support supplements provide you with all of the nutritional goodness in an easy to take capsule.

Why Hunter & Gather Organ Support Supplements?

We are helping to reignite this ‘like-supports-like’ philosophy and ancestral nose-to-tail wisdom of eating organs and offal by creating our range of convenient supplements to support your optimal health and wellbeing in our modern world.

Our organ supplements are great for so many reasons!

Whether you’re seeking a nutrient whole food-based supplement that our bodies recognise in pursuit of optimal health, wanting to consume organs but not sure where to start or simply cannot stomach them, want a convenient way to consume organs and offal on a daily basis during a hectic schedule or you are a Keto Diet / Paleo Diet / Carnivore Diet / Real Food lover or a Biohacker, Health Optimisation enthusiast seeking a real whole food supplement as nature intended with the nose-to-tail approach in mind...

We've got you covered!

*Statutory Disclaimer

As is mandated by current legislation, we are required to state that the above information has not been evaluated or endorsed by the FSA/FDA and that supplements are not designed to treat, cure or diagnose health conditions. You are advised to speak with a licensed/certified health practitioner prior to making lifestyle changes - it is however advised to find one that does question perceived conventional wisdom 🙌🏼