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Where can I buy Hunter & Gather products?

You can buy right here online! You can also ask your local independent health food store if they stock us. If they don’t, please direct them to our website as we would love to chat to them!

Will you be bringing out more products?

Hell yeah!

The experimenter boy is always thinking of new and exciting flavours to help you enjoy the delights of real food – They just have to pass the rigorous testing of the coeliac girl! Follow us on social media to be the first to hear of new and exciting editions to our range.

We can never have too many ideas so if you have any that you feel that fall in line with our values, feel free to get in contact!

What is the Real Food Lifestyle / Paleo approved that you mention?

It’s the foundational principles on which we base our creations.  We believe in a Real Food Lifestyle that does not contain sugars, grains and health damaging fats. There simply is no room for them!

You eat a plenty of real, non-processed foods such vegetables, nuts & seeds, healthy fats, grass-fed and lifelong pastured meats and wild caught fish.

Are all your products Gluten-Free?

Too right!

We believe that the vast majority of people can benefit from a gluten-free lifestyle or as we call it, a’Real Food Lifestyle’.

Gluten is a very common allergen with extreme issues caused for those with Coeliac disease and Gluten sensitivity. Gliadin is also very troubling.

Oh, and did we mention the horrific glyphosate that is used on your wheat?

No thanks, Wheat.


How much is delivery?
Can I collect my order?
Can you deliver internationally?

At present we ship to Germany. We are hoping to add more countries in due course.

What is your privacy policy?

Your privacy is very important to us and therefore we do not share your details with anyone or any other business at all.


Can I return my order if I am not happy with it?

First off, we are really sorry your order was not up to standard. We aim to exceed your expectations and are very disappointed we did not do so.

Please contact us to tell us and to arrange the cancellation of your order.

As per the Consumer Contracts Regulations, you have 14 days from the receipt of your order to request to cancel your order.

Unless your order is faulty (broken or separated etc) costs associated with sending your order back to us is to be covered by the customer.


Is my payment 100% secure?

Please rest assured that all credit card transactions made online on the Hunter & Gather website are completely secure. We use a third party verifier and encryption technology ensuring absolute security of all credit card transactions. If you have any questions regarding our security processes please do not hesitate to contact us. Our merchant is Paypal.


Bringing you the UK’s first 100% Avocado Oil Mayonnaise and the finest Extra Virgin Avocado Oil

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