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Introducing C8 & C10 Organic MCT Powder

Same amazing Organic MCTs, brand new handy powdered format.

Hunter & Gather Organic C8 & C10 MCT Powder 🥥

We are so excited to share with you the launch of one of our most highly anticipated products yet - Organic MCT Powder.

Our new C8 & C10 MCT Powder is here by popular demand, serving as an alternative to MCT Oil which brings the same great healthy fats, only in a convenient and travel-friendly powder.

Here's what you can find in every shiny new pouch of Hunter & Gather Organic MCT Powder:

✅ Organic C8 & C10 MCTs
✅ Sourced solely from coconuts
✅ 6g MCT per 10g serving - 3.5g C8 & 2.5g C10
✅ 100% natural Acacia fibre - no nasty maltodextrin (and nothing else!)
✅ Zero added sugars, as always
✅ No palm oil or dairy
✅ No animals used in the harvesting of our coconuts

    We knew that our MCT Powder had to be match the same amazing quality as our MCT Oil. That means no nasty chemical residues and no hidden nasties, just 100% C8 and C10 coconut MCT goodness.

    All sealed up in a convenient, handy, recyclable and resealable 250g pouch - perfect for popping in your bag so that it's ready to enjoy when you are!

    What is the difference between MCT Powder and MCT Oil? 🤔

    You might already know that we one of our existing products is MCT Oil - so what is the difference between this and our brand new MCT Powder?

    MCT Oil is the pure oil form of MCTs that is extracted from coconut and is liquid at room temperature, perfect for drizzling on salads and blending into smoothies.

    We know that there might be an occasion where you would want to very easily stir MCT into your morning coffee, without any oil residue or risk of leaking MCT oil when you're on the go. Enter MCT Powder!

    MCT Powder is produced by converting the original MCT Oil into a powdered format. This is process is done by blending the MCT Oil with other starches, fibre or proteins.

    It is important to note here that not all MCT Powders are created equal, as these added ingredients can affect the nutritional profile of the end product.

    In our case, we have used Organic Acacia fibre, a natural prebiotic that can support your digestive system and also works to maintain the nutritional profile of the MCT Powder. No dodgy ultra-processed maltodextrin is being used around here!

    Our MCT Powder is an Organic C8 and C10 blend that will help you start every day as you mean to go on - with better focus, natural energy and no hidden nasties.

    Benefits of MCT Powder 🙌

    Now that you know we have the very best quality MCT Powder available, what amazing benefits can you expect to see by adding it to your daily routine? Let's take a look.

    🌱 Gentle & gut friendly - MCT Powder is gentle on the stomach and easily digested, a great alternative to MCT Oil - which can sometimes disagree with more sensitive digestive systems

    🚀 Natural & sustainable energy - Packed with healthy fats that are easily metabolised by the body for a super efficient energy source

    🤓 Banish brain fog & increase productivity - Just 2 tablespoons of MCT Powder can give you the energy you need to be your most productive self and thrive throughout the day, enhancing cognitive function and mental clarity

    🦠 Support gut health - A source of gut-loving prebiotics which feed healthy bacteria in the gut, for a healthy and balanced microbiome

    💪 Support your fat loss goals - MCT powder is Low Carb and Keto friendly, the perfect addition to your Low Carb lifestyle to help you smash your fat loss goals

    😋 Super versatile with a neutral taste & smell - You can use MCT Powder in so many ways, from stirring into your morning coffee, adding to a smoothie, sprinkling on your morning yoghurt or even adding to your energy balls or bites!

    We are already huge fans of MCT Powder here at Hunter & Gather HQ - adding a scoop to our morning coffee, shakes and favourite healthy recipes. We know you're going to love MCT powder just as much as our MCT oil - the good news is that there's more than enough room for both in your life!

    Happy sprinkling 🧡

    Hunter & Gather Organic MCT Powder

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