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Introducing Naturally Flavoured Collagen Creamers

There's only one way collagen could get any better - creating a delicious collagen creamer!

Meet our brand new Collagen Creamers 👀

If you love collagen peptides, you're going to love collagen creamers - just as much, if not more!

Here's what you'll get in every gorgeous pouch of our brand new Collagen Creamers.

✅ 300g Collagen Creamer - that's 15 servings per bag

✅ 13,000mg collagen per serving (Type 1 and Type 3 collagen)

✅ Grass Fed, EU sourced bovine collagen peptides (just like our original Bovine Collagen Peptides)

✅ 100% recyclable (and beautiful) pouch packaging with a reseal top


Hunter & Gather Collagen Creamers

100% Natural, premium quality ingredients 🙌

We wanted to create a product which blended the taste and flavour we expect from our Hunter & Gather food products, but with the nutrition and health benefits of daily supplements which help us to thrive.

So we've launched two flavours of Collagen Creamer: Vanilla and Cacao - each made with 100% natural ingredients and premium quality Grass Fed, EU sourced bovine collagen peptides.

The result is two great tasting Collagen Creamers which have no hidden nasties, but are super helpful for those who want taste as well as benefits - without compromising their health.

Natural Cacao & Vanilla flavourings 🌱

Our Collagen Creamers are available in Velvety Vanilla & Creamy Cacao flavours.

Natural cacao has a deep and rich taste which works perfectly in your favourite cuppas - ideal for making your own Bulletproof mocha! The cacao which we use is Organic and also certified low Cadmium - which is a heavy metal found normally in poorer quality cacao, which can be harmful to health in high amounts.

Our Vanilla Collagen Creamer is also a great addition to your morning brew, but works equally well in healthy recipes. We love adding a scoop or two to yoghurt bowls and homemade energy bites, as well as shakes and smoothies.

Both products use only 100% natural ingredients and flavourings, which have no seed oil or grain-based carriers - unlike most collagen creamers out there on the market 🙌


No added sugar or sweeteners ❌

Like all of our products, you won't find any added sugar or sweeteners in either of our Collagen Creamers.

Instead we use Glycine in both our recipes, a naturally occurring amino acid which gives a sweet taste without the need for harmful added sugars or artificial  sweeteners.

Again, this is unique compared to other Collagen Creamers available!


Dairy-free with Organic coconut milk 🥥

Both our Vanilla and Cacao Collagen Creamers are dairy-free, made using Organic Coconut Milk to provide a subtle flavour and silky, creamy texture.

We also ensured that no corn or grains were involved as the carrier for the coconut milk.


Introducing Naturally Flavoured Collagen Creamers

Benefits of Collagen: Nutritious meets delicious 😋

Our Collagen Creamers were created with zero compromise on taste, quality of ingredients or nutrition.

They're made with the same Grass Fed, EU sourced bovine collagen peptides which we use in our original Bovine Collagen Peptides product - providing the same great benefits.

✅ All the health benefits of collagen, fresh new look & flavour

Our Cacao Collagen Creamer has less than 1g carbs per serve, with Vanilla containing slightly more due to the increased amount of coconut milk in the recipe. Overall, both are High Protein, Low Carb and refined sugar free products, perfect for fuelling your Keto lifestyle.

Each serving is 20g and contains a whopping 13g (13,000mg) of collagen. 

✅ Delicious creamy drink, incredible health 

The health benefits of Collagen Creamers mirror those of Bovine Collagen peptides too - helping to support overall health as well as muscle recovery, gut health and maintaining a youthful appearance.

How to use Hunter & Gather Collagen Creamers 🧑‍🍳

Enjoying the flavour and benefits of our new Collagen Creamers is as simple as adding a serving to your usual healthy meals and drinks.

You can add Collagen Creamer to hot or cold drinks - which includes your morning cuppa, shake or smoothie as well as something more adventurous like our Bone Broth Latte.

And you can add a serving to recipes too - adding to Low Carb baking recipes, homemade treats & snacks, and much more.

Here are some of our favourite ways to use Collagen Creamers, if you're in the mood for treating yourself.

👉 Mocha yoghurt bowl recipe with Cacao Collagen Creamer

👉 Pumpkin spice energy bites recipe with Vanilla Collagen Creamer


    Introducing Naturally Flavoured Collagen Creamers

    Get all the benefits of collagen combined with Creamy Cacao or Velvety Vanilla flavours (or both!) - making every morning coffee a treat for your tastebuds and your health too 🙌

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