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Ask the expert: Can collagen help with cellulite?

Collagen is an amazing natural skincare supplement, but could it really help to manage cellulite? Let's ask the expert.

This article was guest written by our in-house nutritionist, Jade Leighton [BA Hons DipION mBANT rCNHC]

What causes cellulite? 🤔

Did you know it is estimated that up to 85% of women over 20 years of age suffer with cellulite? It forms when fat globules develop under the skin and push up against the connective tissue, forming an uneven, lumpy look to the skin

It is a complex condition believed to be caused by a range of contributing factors from hormonal changes (particularly higher levels of oestrogen), to poor diet, a lack of exercise and poor circulation, to high BMI and even genetics.


Can collagen help with cellulite? 🙏

It is also believed that one of the contributing factors to cellulite may be weak collagen structure of the skin (which may be caused by some of the imbalances listed above).

Dysfunction in the collagen-rich fibres in the skin’s layers seems to lead to cellulite dimples.

For this reason, it has been proposed that the consumption of foods rich in collagen such as bone broth and/or collagen peptide supplements could help to improve the appearance of cellulite.

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What does the evidence say? 🧐

While the evidence on this subject is limited, one study on 105 women aged 24-50 demonstrated that regular use of 2.5 grams of bioactive collagen peptides, over a period of 6 months, led to a clear improvement of the skin appearance in women suffering from moderate cellulite.

If you are suffering with cellulite and it is a concern for you then you may want to try using collagen peptides alongside addressing all of the other contributing factors that may be underlying the condition.

For further support, I recommend that you reach out to your doctor or a Nutritional Therapist. We hope that this has helped and do let us know if you have any further questions 🙌

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We do however recommend seeking the services of a trained professional who questions the conventional wisdom to enable you to become the best version of yourself.

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