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The most asked questions!

Answers to some of the most asked questions that we think you will find useful 🙌🏼

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Without sounding silly, what is a dressing?

A dressing is a delicious condiment that is made with oil and herbs. It can be used for drizzling on salads, marinating meat, fish or veggies as well as a tasty dip for slices of red pepper. 

Most dressings are made with poor quality cheap ingredients like industrial seed or vegetable oils. We have optimal health in mind with all that we do and we also have a promise of always creating foods that are free from refined sugar, grains and inflammatory seed or vegetable oils. 

Your dressings seem more expensive than supermarket dressings - why is this?

Firstly, our real food ingredients are the very best available and are unrivalled in the UK and Europe.

We like to ask the question, not why is Hunter & Gather dressings expensive but why is conventional mayonnaise so cheap?

If you were to make a good quality dressing at home using the high-quality ingredients we use, it would cost considerably more than the mass produced poor quality dressings you find on the supermarket shelves. 

Here are some more reasons why Hunter & Gather 100% Olive Oil dressings are more expensive than industrially produced dressings found on the supermarket shelves:

  1. Hunter & Gather dressings use exclusively 100% light tasting olive oil. Olive oil is pressed from nutrient dense olive fruits rather than from ultra-processed, cheap monocrop seed oil such as sunflower or rapeseed oil
  2. We exclusively use only British free-range egg yolks from St Ewe in Cornwall. These are very high welfare eggs in their liquid state (as nature intended). Not cheap spray-dried eggs without any provenance as most commercial mayonnaise uses.
  3. Our dressings are made by a human in far smaller batches than factory-produced industrial mayonnaise.
  4. Hunter & Gather dressings do not contain any chemicals and we do not use any hexane or solvents to extract the olive oil. 
  5. We do not use any artificial preservatives such as EDTA or Potassium sorbate to synthetically influence the shelf life of our products.

Why did you choose Olive Oil for your dressings?

We chose Olive Oil for these recipes as we love adding great fats into our lifestyle and olive oil as well as coconut and Avocado oil is a real favourite of ours. We wanted to produce a range of dressings that really take on the herb flavour, which a light tasting olive oil enables. The Olive Oil that we use comes from the South of Spain in the province of Cordoba, where the whole region is home to villages of olive farms and has been for many centuries. They still harvest the olives from ancient groves in a traditional method, which helps protect the wildlife too.   


What types of olives do you use in the Olive Oil dressings?

The olives used and the Hojiblanca variety. 


How do I know that this Olive Oil is 100% Olive Oil?

At Hunter & Gather, our promise is to always provide the tools to thrive, through information, recipes and products that are always free from refined sugars, grains (gluten) and seed/vegetable oils. Therefore, we will never personally cut any oil or product with cheaper vegetable or seed oils. 

Each batch of oil is labratory tested and the manufactuer of the oil is regulated by the IFS, which audits the facility every 3 months. There is also a Spanish body that controls the output of the olive oil - whereby they test the oil to ensure it is 100% olive oil. 

Additional lab tests are also carried out to check for pesticides residue and heavy metals. The oil is only accepted if the results are approved. 


Made with 100% Olive Oil our dressings are made without blends of oils, sugars or chemical preservatives.

They are Sugar, Gluten, Grain, Chemical & Dairy Free  plus we only use glass jars & paper labels. 

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