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Homemade Keto and Paleo Friendly Mayonnaise Vs Shop Bought Mayo

Homemade Keto and Paleo Friendly Mayonnaise Vs Shop Bought Mayo

May 01, 2020

We love mayonnaise but not all mayonnaise is made with real ingredients and that’s why we created our own Real Food range of avocado oil mayos that are also Paleo and clean Keto friendly! Here we compare homemade and shop-bought mayo!

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white sugar on black background

All Things Sugar: Sugar Tax, Addiction & Cravings and Dangers

May 23, 2018

On Wednesday 25th April we were lucky enough to have Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach Suzy Glaskie join us on Twitter for a Tweetchat discussing all things sugar! Suzy is an expert in health matters and is especially knowledgeable about sugar and the dangers of it in our diets.

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Lady sat at table with sunflowers

Why you never have to diet again

January 21, 2018

This weeks blog post is a guest post by the wonderful Suzy Glaskie, one of the UK’s first Functional Medicine Certified Health Coaches! She works with individuals, groups and organisations to empower people to reclaim their health and vitality.

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sugar cubes white

The Shocking Effects of Sugar - A Story From Australia

October 21, 2017

What do you think of when I say we were lucky enough to spend 3 months backpacking in Australia? I’m guessing the beach, sun and maybe even surfing came to mind? There is, however, another side to Australia that completely changed the way we think about diet and health here at Hunter & Gather and firmly cemented our values we hold dear today.

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Blade of wheat in the sun

Hidden Wheat That Will Be Sure To Shock You!

September 23, 2017

I wanted to share where those pesky wheat proteins are hiding - peekaboo - I will find you, Wheat! In my journey of discovery, I found some really interesting information and although each year food labelling is improving, we are still a long way from being perfect in the UK.

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