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Real Ingredients - It May Not Be Oil That It Seems

August 24, 2018 0 Comments

Real Ingredients - It May Not Be Oil That It Seems



With our award winning range of Avocado Oil Mayonnaise being approximately 81% oil, we wanted to ensure the best possible oil was used in our mayonnaise.


We certainly did not want to use blends of oils and introduce oils such as  rapeseed or sunflower oil.


Ever checked a jar or bottle of mayo to see it states Avocado Oil Mayonnaise on the front, only to turn the jar around and see ‘approx. 4% avocado oil’ or 'Rapeseed oil' on the ingredients list?


That truly defeats the object of seeking out Real Food Ingredients!



What's avocado OIL about?


Being from one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet, Avocado Oil is considered a super food source of the essential nutrient fat.


You may ask why is this?


Well, it’s due to it’s favourable fatty acid composition, diverse phytosterol content, it’s ability to increase absorption of goodness in other foods and it’s notably high content of both the antioxidant Vitamin E and the heart healthy Monounsaturated fatty acids (oleic acid).



Typical fatty acid content;


Omega-6 to omega-3 ratio: 13.1:1

Omega-3 fatty acids: 1%

Omega-6 fatty acids: 12.5%

Omega-9 fatty acids: 67.9%

Saturated fatty acids: 11.6%




We AVO good look


However, when embarking on our journey to produce the UK and Europe’s first 100% Paleo and Keto friendly Avocado Oil Mayonnaise, made with award winning British Free Range Egg Yolk, we discovered that all Avocado Oil was not quite the same...


Simply put, there are many grades / types of Avocado Oil available, very similar to that of Olive Oil grading and it’s important to know the difference when choosing your favourite condiment, dressing or oil.



It’s not OIL the same



Extra Virgin Avocado Oil

At the top of the tree is Extra Virgin Avocado Oil, which should simply be cold pressed from the edible flesh of an optimally mature and ripe Avocado - that’s it.


It must be noted however that there are many bottles on shelves that use the words Extra Virgin, when in fact they’re not Extra Virgin and that is immediately established through the 4+ year ‘shelf life’ and the medicinal like, bitter taste.


If it hasn’t got a Great Taste star…



Cosmetic Grade / Non Human Consumption

At the bottom of the proverbial tree, there is cosmetic grade oil, which is not suitable for consumption and is often used in 'skin care’. Our view on this is if 'you can’t eat it, then don’t put it on your skin' - after all, our skin is our largest organ.


These cosmetic grade oils are processed at extremely high temperatures and often utilise chemical solvents, such as hexane, to help extract as much oil as possible from the flesh of (often poor quality) fruit.


This is a very similar to the process used to extract health compromising ‘vegetable’ oils… think sunflower, corn, rapeseed and soybean.


Who would want to consume that?



Food Grade you Say?

Well… there are many sources of Avocado Oil that are processed at extremely high heat and use solvents to extract the oil, and ARE designated as food grade!


These oil’s fetch a lower price on the market and food manufacturers will certainly be tempted…



It's OIL good stuff


Naturally Processed

Thankfully we are extremely diligent with our sourcing of Avocado Oil and ensure our oil has minimal human intervention;


  • Naturally processed centrifuge method to filter out waxes and chlorophylls (no green mayo although we have a Super Green Sauce)
  • Controlled temperature proprietary system
  • Solvent and hexane free

  • Lab tested
  • Certified food grade
  • Mexican Hass avocado grown in the perfect climate and conditions utilising natural irrigation


The cleanest produce around 

Did you know Avocado’s are NUMBER 1 on the Clean 15 list as they require little to no pesticides during there life.

In the EWG report, less than 1% of those tested showed pesticide residue.

We rely on the Avocado's thick skin and safe location atop giant trees to protect them from critters and bugs and physical fly traps are used instead of pesticides.


This means you do not need to fork out and buy organic Avocado's or organic Avocado oil - in fact when you do, you're arguably just contributing to the certification fees the farmers pay to be able to sell organic avocado's which are in fact organic as they can be anyway!



AVO good look around and always ask questions


We hope this has helped you understand that it may not be oil it seems when purchasing a product that contains a particular super food ingredient.


Be sure to ask for a full breakdown of the ingredients and be super diligent when checking them. Try to understand why certain ingredients are being used, why one product may appear ‘cheaper’ than another and if the best of the best is being used when making your favourite product.


Keep your eyes peeled for a deep dive into our other 3 real food ingredients we use as the base to our 100% Avocado Oil Mayonnaise.