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What A PEA’ple Pleaser: Hunter & Gather Launch An Egg Free Mayo Called Mayocado!


What A PEA’ple Pleaser: Hunter & Gather Launch An Egg Free Mayo Called Mayocado!


Hunter & Gather are well known for pushing the boundaries of innovation – winning the Innovative Better For You Product of the Year in 2017 and since being crowned Newcomer Category Winner 2018. They are pushing innovation even further by trialling a Limited-Edition launch of an Egg Free Mayo (MAYOCADO) that is also free from any of the top 14 allergens.


Founded by one Coeliac Girl and an Experimenter Boy, the duo use their own personal experience with food to shape the products they launch.


With Amy having developed an intolerance to Egg, it was the next logical step to produce a Real Food Egg Free Mayo for Hunter & Gather.


Here is what Co-Founder Amy had to say:


“My allergies really shape the foods that I can enjoy. We wanted to trial a product that enables those with egg allergies or a preference for eating an egg free or Vegan Lifestyle to still have access to a great tasting, healthy mayonnaise alternative”


But what are they replacing the Eggs with?


With the principles of no sugar, grains or harmful fats the team have been experimenting long and hard to produce the perfect alternative and they think they have found it with the humble pea.


Mayocado is made with Avocado Oil, Water, Apple Cider Vinegar, Pea Protein, Himalayan Salt, Lemon Juice, Black Pepper and Konjac Root.


They have also cleverly locked in the goodness of up to 8 avocados per jar of Mayocado and ensured that the product is perfect to be kept in the cupboard until opened, after which you have 4 weeks in the fridge – although I promise you, it will be eaten well before then!


Hunter & Gather Mayocado Egg Free Mayo is available on their website from December 2018 and they are also running a competition on Instagram on W/C 16th November for their followers to win a jar pre-launch!