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A 'Cracking' Collaboration St Ewe Eggs & Hunter & Gather

Avo-look - have you heard the Egg’citing news?

Hunter & Gather and St. Ewe Eggs have teamed up to make Hunter & Gather’s Avocado Oil Mayonnaise even better!

avocado mayonnaise free range

ALL of the eggs used to make Hunter & Gather products now come solely from the St. Ewe Farms in the West Country with 100% traceability – these are British Free Range eggs at their best and from happy, healthy and loved chickens that are part of the family.

St. Ewe Eggs are RSPCA Assured, British Lion Quality and the only eggs in the UK with Vegetarian Society approval.

The eggs are hand-picked, just like the Hunter & Gather Avocados, on a daily basis once the hens venture out from their coup into the countryside for their daily scratch, stroll and cluck ... If we were a chicken, we would want to check ourselves into the St. Ewe Farm residence. 

Why the collaboration?

“It is really important to us to source the highest quality ingredients for our products and customers. Although we have always used Free Range Eggs, we wanted to ensure we knew exactly which farm the eggs were coming from. 

By partnering with St. Ewe, we know that we are using the best quality Free Range eggs available, from happy, healthy chickens with no added stabilisers or preservatives commonly found in egg products used in mayonnaise. This is also fresh liquid egg rather than powdered egg, which other manufacturers use - we want food to be REAL”

What a “cracking” collaboration from the Hunter & Gather and St. Ewe teams - Egg’cellent…   

free range eggs st ewe

Bex and her Happy St Ewe Hens

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