We are one coeliac girl (Hunter) and one experimenter boy (Gather), sharing our passion for food and love for the world. Using our hard-earned savings, experience and sheer will, we have a dream to revolutionise the landscape of the food industry forever, and provide you with real, honest food that is free from sugars, grains and poor-quality fats.

Real food made from scratch has always been part of our lives (blame the Coeliac). But things really changed when the experimenter boy removed all sugars, grains and harmful fats from his diet. His ‘hanger’ (hunger/anger) disappeared and we saw amazing improvements in health and general wellbeing – it was nothing short of a miracle!

We were shocked at the everyday foods that contained hidden sugars, poor quality fats and grains and we vowed to share our discovery with others. And that’s when Hunter & Gather was born.

But why Hunter & Gather? It’s not only a nod to the Paleo values that first kick-started our very own real food lifestyle, but it also links closely to our own ancestry. The coeliac girl comes from a family tree with the surname Hunt and the experimenter boy was from a line of Gathergoods. They say some things are just meant to be…



Bringing you the UK’s first 100% Avocado Oil Mayonnaise and the finest Extra Virgin Avocado Oil

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